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Constant dull pain gallbladder area

Hey guys, I am a 25 year old male,
Now since nearly two years I experience a constant dull pain in the gallbladder area not severe, but quite annoying and its 24/7. In the beginning it was accompanied by severe heart burn and belching. I thought the pain was caused by the inflammation of  the esophagus, but after 6 month with increasing heartburn problems I took PPI for one month and the heartburn problem was completely gone. What was left was the constant pain in the right upper quadrant. Ultrasound, gastroscopy, coloscopy, bloodwork and an MRI showed nothing abnormal, expect a folded gallbladder but with no sign of inflammation or something. Im quite sure that the gallladder is the location of the pain. When I lie down on my back, breath in and put my fingers on the painfull area I can exactly feel the pain "under" the liver. When I breath out, I can feel my fingertips slowly slip over the edge of the liver and the painfull spot, going up under the ribcage.
I dont realy have digestion problems expect a frequent belching, witch already starts after I get up in the morning. Another abnormalty is, that as soon as I cough, it is directly followed by a hiccup.

Here are some gifs of the MRI images.

Has anybody experienced a similiar problem?
I know its not the usual gallbladder pain, but since the liver itself isnt sensitive for pain it can only be the gallbladder in my opinion?

Thanks for reading:)
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