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Constant nausea and vomiting after a cholecystectomy (and before)

My symptoms began back in March of this year, and have yet to abate.  I have been vomiting following ingestion of just about anything---until last week all I could tolerate were gummy bears/worms (of a specific brand).  Now I'm not even tolerating gummies.  My surgeon removed my gallbladder following a HIDA scan back in June, which removed pain I had been having (after the recovery), but did not alleviate the vomiting or nausea.  Now I am drinking extremely watered down pedialyte, and that's about it.  I initially thought that I had re-feeding syndrome because prior to the onset of symptoms I went a week without eating due to illness.  My mother is a pharmacist and my aunt is a dietician, so they helped me step through clear liquids to full---however I was unable to tolerate broths or even Jell-o.  I carried on for probably longer than I should have trying to step myself up (about a month), before I finally had to go to the ER because of malnutrition and low electrolytes.  Following my surgery I did the same thing, once again carrying on longer than I should have, and I was then diagnosed with gastroenteritis following endoscopy.  My physician prescribed sucralfate, which I have now been on for about 2 months.  I believe that it has alleviated the symptoms of the gastroenteritis because I'm not longer in pain when I drink water, and I don't have a constant ache in my upper abdomen.  I read another thread on here confirming that, at least, this is not completely in my head, but no one seemed to have resolved the issue before the thread closed.  I'm just curious if there have been any advances made, or any solutions found for this type of problem.  If nothing else, at least a cause would be helpful.  Then I would know where I stand.
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