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Daughter has sickness after heart surgery

Could any one give input on this condition.My Daughter was born with congenital heart condition,since her last surgery which took 11 hours she has now developed abdominal pain and sickness( this is her third open heart surgery)
We have been to emergency two many times since her last surgery and tests come back inconclusive as to a problem.
Her liver is enlarged from operation and now new medication.(but they say would be normal with this type of surgery)
Her Gall Bladder seems to function okay but are not worried about it.
We have changed her diet to glutten free to see if this would help.It has not

This is not helping any more and our daughter is suffering.
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You describe a difficult and frustrating situation. She is medically complex and should be evaluated by a dedicated pediatric gastroenterologist. If she has had congenital heart operation I would assume that she is already plugged into a tertiary care system.
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