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Deep knotted ache under right ribs solar pkexus?

I am a male, age 22 with a moderately active lifestyle, but not considered athletic or nearly in peak condition.  My diet varies a lot and I usually have a lot of carbs and typical meats like hamburg, chicken, fish, etc.  I mostly drink water with milk juices or sodas a lot less often.  For about 5 or so years I noticed an ache deep beneath my right ribbed area whenever I would lay down abd do deep breaths, especially if the breaths or my position was sudden and outstretched.  It would come and go every while in its apparency.  It would even be felt if I ran too long in some cases.  Sometimes I can prod the area with my hands and it does feel mildly like when ine gets the wind knocked out of them, only to a much lighter degree and is manageable after poking it.  Recently I noticed a bit of a slight gurgle or sloth when poking it but mostly when sitting in a crunch position relaxed in a chair.  It feels faintly warm sometimes after prodding or rushing into exercise that involves jolting about, as if it were heart burn.  I might faintly feel the ache radiate to the back right of the ribcage but it could just be my exaggerated worry.  I have not been to a doctor in 6 or so years so I am at a loss to know if Im prone to any severe illness at this point in my life.  Im really hoping this is not some severe Liver or Gallbladder debilitation where I need something removed, abd just need to change my lifestyle.  
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