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Did Your Pain Go Away After Gallbladder Surgery?

About 3 months ago I was diagnosed with Biliary Dyskinesia when a HIDA Scan showed my gallbladder had an ejection fraction of 6%. After spending 2 months ruling out IBS as the cause of my pain, I'm scheduled for surgery to get my GB removed next week.

My symptoms are a dull ache on my right side by my ribs and crampy pains in my mid/right upper and sometimes lower abdomen. It is especially bad after eating and I have lost 7 pounds in a week just from being afraid to eat. My surgeon said that surgery will help with the dull pain, but he doesn't believe it will help with my crampy pain. Especially my lower abdomen cramping. Right now, I'll take any relief I can get. However, I'm really hoping surgery will cure all my pain.

SO, I'm curious what other people's symptoms are/were. Did you have any unusual symptoms and did surgery help?

Thanks!!! :)
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