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Does my gallbladder need to come out?

I've been seeing my gastroenterologist for a few months now, but I'm not getting anywhere.  I went with severe reflux and what I thought was maybe an IBS flare up.  The reflux was bad enough it was going into my sinus cavities in my face, but ended up being bad due to a stomach ulcer.  We got the ulcer under control with reflux meds so I only had breakthrough reflux rarely (usually if I ate something spicy on mistake).  Well I was also having diarrhea, abdominal cramping as well as pain above my right breast into my back.  I thought the chest pain was from the inflammation in the esophagus from the reflux but the dr said no.  The gastro said this was classic gallbladder symptoms and sent me for an Abdominal ultrasound which was extremely painful when they took images of the gallbladder.  The ultrasound came back negative.  She did a bunch of labwork including for h.pylori, celiac and gluten allergy...these were all negative.  She started me on a low fat gallbladder diet, which did help with some of the symptoms.  The chest pain lessened quite a bit.  Upon physical exam when she pushed on the gallbladder it was extremely painful.  So I went for a HIDA scan with CCK.  I had one previously in June 2008 which came back at 76%.  This new one came back at 47%.  It took longer than the full hour for the radioactive material to go to my bowel so I had to get up and walk for 20 minutes and drink water to help it along.  I had bad cramping and diarrhea later in the day starting maybe an hour or so after I finished the test (I was in the bathroom 5 times in a 4 &1/2 hour period with cramping and diarrhea).  When I got the tests back the Gastro said the symptoms all scream gallbladder, however the test is borderline so no one would recommend surgery.  My PCP agreed not to see a surgeon. So the gastro started me on Viberzi, but I ended up having side effects such as bloating and constipations (couldn't have a bowel movement for 4 days) and had to stop it.  I still have the symptoms and the pain in my chest is intermittent where previously I was having it daily.  I cheated on my low fat diet yesterday and boy am I paying for it!  I woke up with abdominal cramping, diarrhea and sharp pain in my upper right quadrant of the abdomen (where it hurt at the doctor's physical exam).  The cramping and diarrhea is gone, but I'm still having some of the pain.  Does anyone think the gallbladder should come out or at least get a surgical consult?  My gastro told me to check back via phone in 1-2 weeks and my next appointment is in September.  I did go for a second gastro consult which was a complete waste of time as the doctor told me if I lost weight it would cure every gastro symptom and my asthma (my asthma was diagnosed 10 + years ago after I was ill with pertussis and I never had reflux until over a year after being diagnosed with asthma and on hospital levels of prednisone).  Yes I am overweight and currently working with my PCP to lose weight (20+ lbs and counting!)  I could use some opinions and any suggestions.  I'm at a complete loss and with my high deductible plan this is hurting me financially...I already owe over $1000 from the testing alone, not including the 6 appointments with the doctors.  Please help!
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