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Gall Bladder ?

I posted this on the doc forum 3 days ago never got a response. I guess like evthing else in America they are farming our questions out to India!!  Any opinions are greatly appreciated on my concerns. Thanks  My digestive problems are somewhat generic. I was scheduled for GB surg last week and canceled aft reading crazy internet junk.  I had HIDA of 20% 5 yrs ago. My recent UltSnd shows wall thickening but no stones. I take presc Prevacid 30 2xD and it eliminates any GERD I have had. I have constant gas/burping. I have no pain except that occasionally I do have a dull ache at GB location and radiates up my right neck. I always had kind of what I thought was a GERD pain up my right chest thru neck. My stomach seems upset a lot. Last night aft eating fried softshell crab sandwich, 6 raw oysters and fried tomato, 3 beers. in two hours I became so nauseous I went to ER. Doc there said it was from bad food and not gall bladder because I had no tenderness. Im not so sure. I have emergency diareha aft fatty or most fried meals. I do get a bad pain in the center under rib cage if I drink anything like a margarita, HiC, Whiskey Sour or flavored martini and sometimes a carbonate drink, feels like a fist in there. Several times a year I get a stabbing pain in center chest under ribcage that is unbearable and Prevacid seems to stop it in 1-2 hrs. Tested neg for Hpylori last week, upper GI normal.
#1 With no gallstones how do I know if this is at all GB related?
#2 In your opinion could this possibly be GB and would these symptoms be enough to remove?
#3 Is there always some tenderness when the GB is bad?
#4 Is a bad GB ever a source of heart palpitations in your opinion?
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I have never had tenderness during a Gallbladder attack .. the tenderness, for me, comes the next day.  If it's infected, then probably you'd have tenderness immediately but I'm not a doctor.  Sounds like, from the symtpoms of drinking and the center chest pain that maybe you have bad GERD going on & the doc has you on meds for it. Gallbladder can also mess up your GI tract and cause these symptoms, too.  It's a double edged sword. .  If Prevacid helps, it most likely is related to the liquor and reflux/gerd is my guess as a non medical person  ..... One can have gravel, sludge and grit w/o stones and still have a Gallbladder attack.

Maybe stop all liquor for at least a month and see if anything settles down.  It may be helpful for you to make a decision.

Looks like a doctor was able to answer your question on our Ask an Expert Forum:  http://www.medhelp.org/posts/Gastroenterology---Digestive-Disorders/To-Gall-Bladder-or-Not-to-Gall-Bladder/show/1616201#post_7351563


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Thanks, Actually I had stopped beer for over a month and that was the first time drinking. I had to stop the other drinks quite a while ago to keep from having those attacks. I can have the same attacks from real greasy food or garlic or oniony foods. The nausea attacks are few and far between but Im getting tired of all this running my life.
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For me I had no stones, just a chronic inflammation... my tenderness was also usually after the attack felt bruised inside the URQ.  I had severe nausea, pain, were my biggest symptoms, couldnt eat anything fatty, alcohol, grease, red meat was terrible, dont always believe what you read on here, I had mine out in January and am sooooo glad i did, it was a miserable 7 months trying to figure it out.  
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