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Gall Stones

Hello all, i have gall stones and i am preparing for surgery here soon. Now here is my concern, i read many threads and articles about liver flushes and how they have helped so many people. I have been having gallbladder attacks for sometime now that would come and go every few months, now its starting to get worse and more frequent. I want to attempt the liver flush but i am in fear that a stone may get stuck and have much more problems.

I was wondering on what you all suggest, thank you.
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Stop the insanity!

Gallbladder "flushes" are modern day snake oil. Multiple websites tell you that you can merely wash out the gallstones and life will be beautiful. These people are exposing countless people to the most dangerous complications of gallbladde disease and perpetuating a lie. These flushes typically combine some ingested oil along with an acidic liquid such as lemon juice. They then show how great it works by showing typical "gallstones" that they extracted from their butts. What they don't tell you is that all they did was to turn their GI tracts into green soap factories. Analysis of these green concretions have proven that they have abolutely no relationship to gallstones. You will notice that none of these sites have post flush ultrasounds demonstrating clear gallbladders.

Now the important part. The most deadly complications of gallbladder disease arise because of gallstones passing down the common bile duct which is the only wat out from the gallbladder to the intestine. That is why biliary lithotripsy was a hugh flop. It actually had a greater mortality rate than laparoscopic cholecystectomy because the little bits of busted up gallstones would pass down the common bile duct and cause pancreatitis. The other issue is that you have gallbladder disease. The gallstones are merely the evidence created by a diseased gallbladder.

If your symptoms are accelerating you need to move the surgery up.
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I appreciate the time for the reply, also really glad you cleared that up for me. I have been having this pain for a few years now, but it has come time for me to finally get it removed.  I also did read an article on exactly what you said. I am guessing my gallbladder is now becoming more full and a stone is getting stuck more often.

So i guess surgery it is.
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Fifteen minutes that will change your life!
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Hi .. I totally agree with Dr. Watters.  I have both GB stones and Kidney stones (well, the Kidney Stones come and go) and I would never do that type of regime .. not ever.  The consequences can be fatal.

How are you doing?  Did you have your surgery?

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