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Gall bladder pain and SOB

I am 41 yo female.  I have had ruq pain in the past - about 10 years ago it started with children.  US and HIDA then all normal.  I figured out by watching my food I could keep my gb (ruq pain) from not flaring up.  3 weeks ago I ate a veggie sandwich and about 2 hours later I was in severe pain on the right side and I thought to myself - gb.  Well it has been constant since then with increased pain.  Other symptoms that have developed; inability to take a deep breath once any food or drink is consumed (this has been the most bothersome I feel SOB all the time.  When I eat I instantly feel full and it sits in my throat.  Vomiting shortly after food intake if breathing becomes difficult.  R shoulder blade pain, RUQ pain, diarrhea.  I just don't feel good.  The hardest thing is the breathing!  I am a runner and I can't even run a half mile with feeling like I am going to die due to the inability of not being able to take a deep breath.  Negative CT scan, negative US, clean blood work.  I think a HIDA scan should be next but they want to send me for cardio consult?!?!?!?
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I have several problems going on at once & one is under my right ribs and down a little, pain, constipation, after I eat, I am getting no where, feverish, dizzy sometimes. CAT Scan showed nothing blood, pretty good, So I don't know, I would help if I could, I had this type problem once & did a Liver/Gallbladder cleanse & it flushed tons of stones & I felt better afterward, I would do it now but am constipated so very scared of doing that. I will watch response I would love to know an answer to your question.
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