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Gall stone

I have a gallbladder stone  deduct in ultrasound but there is no any symptom , no pain , no vomiting tendency , no Nausea only digestive disorder and gas problem , please suggest it is required to operate of gallstone ?
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Hi there,

I had gallbladder issues a few years back.  Like you, no pain, nausea or vomiting.  I had horrible digestive issues though with acid reflux and a full feeling/bloated feeling all the time.  It took them 5 months to do an ultrasound on my gallbladder because my symptoms weren't typical.  Finally, I got my gallbladder out and those issues went away.  I am so glad!  

So, just because you don't have "typical" symptoms, doesn't mean that your gallbladder is causing you issues. Everyone is different.
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Sometimes switching to a low fat diet will help you and your doctor assess your gallbladder symptoms.  Low fat usually helps with the symptoms.
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I guess you don’t require surgery to get rid of gall stones. However, they are not gonna dissolve on their own. Taking ayurvedic medicine could be a good option as it offers holistic healing and also regulates your digestive system and liver functioning to negate stone formation in the future.

Grocare’s GC tablets in combination with Lipican and Acidim could help dissolve the stone and provide complete healing. It works!
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