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Gallbladder Disease, pancreatitis or gastritis?

My Fiance is having sever mid adornment pain slightly central above the belly button.  She is a sickle cell patient with SS disease.  After several rounds of antibiotics form a septic infection. she developed a severe stomach condition.  Pain she describes as 10 times worse than a SCD crisis.  Her SCD seems to be unrelated to the current issue.  If she tries to eat she vomits bile orange and green bile.  They have done an EGD and said she has Gastritis because she has a few non H pylori "raw spots" in her stomach.  This has all been going on for 3 weeks now and she said she cannot live like this much longer.  She can not function, she is back and forth to the ER.  Her gallbladder tests show sludge but no stones. She has had an ultrasound and cat scan.  Her Lipase levels and liver function is normal.  I doubt that gastritis would last for 3 weeks and prevent her from eating.  Could she have a blocked bile duct? What can we say to the Dr's to help get to the bottom of the issue?
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If her bile ducts are blocked, then her alkaline phosphatase (Alp) will be elevated. If the bile flow is mostly or completely blocked, then her Bilirubin level will be elevated and she will likely have dark urine, floating stools and possibly jaundice, if her Bilirubin levels are higher than 2.5 mg/dL.

Sludge can be an indication of biliary issues. However, simply following an extreme diet will few meals can cause it as well. But enough sludge will be noticable as RUQ aches and mild nausea with low grade fevers.

If you remain suspicious of the possibility of some form of gallbladder/biliary issue, then press her doctor for an MRI/MRCP. It is the best image technology for this type of thing. I have had many myself, and if you have biliary issues, this will show the pathology very well.

Good luck and hope things get straightened out. Take care.
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