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Gallbladder Polyps

I am 34 year old man. I have minor pain in my right upper side and my doctor did ultrasound and told that i have multiple polys and larger size was 8 mm then my surgeon suggest to remove my gallbladder and after removing gallbladder. Biopsy report has shown that i have chronic inflammation. I need your input. Because 2 surgeons and 2 physicians said me to go for operation as in ultrasound the shape of chronic inflammation exactly look like polyps.
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Before surgery, i have fears, depression and sometime sudden heart beat or blood pressure ups and down though i am very healthy and having normal life. But after surgery, my fears and my mussels tightness have gone. are these related with gallbladder chronic inflammation.  
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Yes, this is the standard approach to deal with these issues. Safest since the potential "cancer" (not likely) is best left alone until it is out of the body, and "disconnected". Cancer cells (if they exist) can "leak" into the body if the doctor were to try and surgically remove the lesion but not quite get it cleanly. Best to remove the entire gallbladder as an encapsulating container, then check things out after the fact. And you don't need a gallbladder to be healthy.
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But i have minor pain and was very much active person and i have minor pain but no digestive problem. My doctor is my friend and took ultrasound suddenly and told me that there was suggestive multiple polyps larger one 8mm. so do you think that it was right decision to take gallbladder out with just for chronic inflammation without strong symptoms. As i am so much worried that i took wrong decision to take GB out.  
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My gallbladder biopsy report shows that

Micro:  "Sections show gallbladder mucosa lined by tall columnar epithelium with uniform basally located nuclei. There is transmural fibrosis, muscle hypertrophy, chronic inflammation and Rokitansky Aschoff sinuses."

Please give your thought
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Keep in mind your doctors will act based on minimal risk. So if they have any doubt about your polyps, they will want to remove them first, and ask questions later.

Your only option will be to find new doctors who will decide on the risks in a way more in line with your thoughts. The biopsy results are always a guide for the surgeons, your life is in their hands and their interpretation is the deciding factor. You of course have the final vote.
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In Pakistan, doctor cheated their patients. Surgeon just check my ultrasound report and said to me that you need to remove your GB. He did not suggested for another followup or any other test. Then i went to 2nd surgeon then he told me for another ultrasound to verify the size of largest polyp then size was measured 8mm and previous one was 5mm so doctor suggested me to just remove no other option.

He told me that if size was normal and you had only one polyp then we can wait but he told me that multiple polyps and larger one is 8mm so i suggest you to remove it.

But just chronic inflammation which made pockets in GB walls found in biopsy report.

Thats complete story.
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