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Gallbladder Surgery - medical fraud?

Comments made by Surgeons regarding victims suffering from health complications should be discounted due to being incorrectly diagnosed only are nothing more than lies.

1000’s of testimonies, 80 years of medical studies and medical options from, gastroenterologists, MD’s and nutritionist and honest surgeons, strongly disagree with these surgeons’ claims.

Gallbladder surgery is carry out in a manner, which is medical fraud; the body will most likely never function correctly again after re-plumbing bile ducts connected to vital organs on right side of body.

Many victims testifying spend 10’s of thousands of dollars desperately seeking treatment support for complications later diagnosed as Postcholecystectomy syndrome from the very best specialists’ money can buy. Some even travel the worldwide seeking support, only to receive the advice that very little can be done, “Postcholecystectomy syndrome (PCS) is difficult to treat, there is no cure, and the body is permanently damaged once gallbladder is removed”

Many victims testifying to wanting to sue their surgeon for obtaining consent through deceptive fraudulent means without providing informed consent and disclosing likely heath complications.

Unfortunately, for every honest medical specialist, medical doctor, nutritionist, Gastro and even honest surgeon warning of PCS complications, two or more dishonest medical surgeons will gather to lie and cover up the truth about the horrible heath complications, even denying the existence of PCS.  A post on this site described her suffering as slow murder. She is telling the truth, there are 1000’s of victims begging for help from anyone with answers through online forums. Their testimonies of suffering are just horrific.

A surgeon acting in an ethical manner under doctors hypocritical oath “ shall do no harm” will advise patients when obtaining informed consent, the likely risk of developing Postcholecystectomy syndrome heath complications is as high as 40%  (many studies have complications occurring over 50 – 80%) and that 70% of PCS suffers will experience pain.

The truth – Many patents with no gallbladder disease symptoms prior to surgery testifying to now living with incredible debilitating pain from new PCS problems that develop. These newly developed health problems experienced include reflux: GERD, acid, burning feeling, heartburn, hungry, burps, Weight Gain, high cholesterol, weight Loss, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) , rashes, allergies, diarrhea, dumping syndrome, Bowel problems, constipation, putrid Gas flatulence, nausea, massive bloating, indigestion, bad breath, breathing issues, vomiting, fatigue, exhaustion, tiredness, dizziness, chest, heart, shoulder, abdomen, rib, back, right pain, RU, Upper Right Quadrant, pelvic, and  throat pain. Also metallic taste, dry mouth, swallowing, hiatal hernia, gastritis, Barrett’s esophagus, depression, anxiety, panic attacks. Celiac disease, SOD Sphincter of Oddi dysfunction, pancreatitis, fatty Liver, stomach cramps, PAIN and the list just goes on and on and on.

Patents with gallbladder disease symptoms (above) prior to treatment testify to symptoms actually getting worse after reduced functioning gallbladder is completely removed to zero

I believe the root caused for above listed health problems is the removal of the body’s ability to provide bile in required quantities, matched with food necessary to break down, extract nutrients (vitamin deficiency A, D, E, & K …) and act as a lubricant for food waist to pass thought the body. Continual running bile without catchment and no food present in gut causes celiac type complications and confirmed by a New Zealand Gastro - bile will leak into the stomach causing IBS. Bile reflux damages the throat and teeth. Without the ability to process and pass food thought the body, bloating occurs, eventually constipation kicks in after initial loose stools  and even dumping syndrome, followed by fatty liver, fat build up around vital organs in the upper chest, belly and sides. Risk of colon cancer is possibly due to food taking many days to pass, continual bloating / blocked digestion system.

There are NO end-to-end medical studies backing claims Cholecystectomy recipients can live a normal healthy life free of PCS complications.

Some medical studies estimate loss of life expectancy is twice as much if the gallbladder is removed in later years compared to younger recipients.
Research has shown gallbladder removal can increase your likelihood for colon cancer.  Patents with no Gallbladder are more likely to experience heart disease and other serious health challenges, such as obesity and even diabetes.

The extent to which surgeons lie to obtain consent by deception include advising would be clients the following during consultation process:
•           Gallbladder is a non-essential organ, not needed.
•           There is no medical understanding why gallstones are created.
•           Claiming 100% of patients undergoing their treatment do not have problems going forward.
•           That there are no heath complications at all,
•           The existence of post-Cholecystectomy syndrome is controversial and that bloating, reflux, fatty liver, weight gain, Stomach pains (IBS) are not complications resulting from their prescribed  treatment
•           No injury (damage) to the body takes place.
•           “There is nothing in reputable medical literature supporting reflux should be referred to as a (post procedure) complication”
•           “Gallstones are thought to be either an initiator or promoter of gallbladder cancer”
(FACT estimated 0.3 – 3% only)
•           “There is no adverse effect on the gut’s ability to metabolize fat”
•           No adverse side effects for patents involved in health and fitness lifestyles, endurance sports (eating twice-normal food intake to match 5-10 times normal cardio output) can continue to live in a normal manner following treatment.
•           “Chemicals used for dissolution are toxic”, "old fashioned treatment". “The patient needs to remain on the chemicals for life”.
•           The best one of all: “A gallbladder containing gallstones by medical definition is diseased and the only safe treatment to remove the gallbladder is Cholecystectomy”

Gallbladder surgery carried out in many circumstance appears to be the biggest medical surgical fraud in operation in US and 100% in New Zealand, breaching human rights (right to life), consumer law, the New Zealand Heath and Disability Act - right to informed consent, right to access to on-going treatment support, world heath medical standards for human rights – the right to life, Hippocratic Oath taken by physicians “shall do no harm”, The bill of rights - no person shall be deprived of life and due to the number of victims being in the hundreds of thousands, crime against humanity.

The US and New Zealand Surgeons current practice of denying patents the rights for full disclose for informed consent pre or post procedure have the moral and ethical integrity of habitual serial rapists and are committing medical fraud.

The above opinion is NOT backed by Medical Surgeons. Seek medical advice from at least five non-Surgeon medical specialists before proceeding with surgery to remove your gallbladder and heath risk on gallbladder disease. Ask for any medical opinion justifying procedure be put in writing and for consent documents to list all on-going possible risks to heath from the procedure and treatment required to treat the complications and likely cost and success rate for recovery. Response will shock.
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A post on this site described her suffering as slow murder. She is telling the truth, there are 1000’s of victims begging for help from anyone with answers through online forums. Their testimonies of suffering are just horrific.

The same medical fraud took place in my situation. Every aspect of my life destroyed by a lying dishonest New Zealand surgeon who concealed the high likely risk of developing PCS compilations when specifically asked about risks in order to obtaining consent. Lied when providing post operation support - advising immediate amd unusual gain in body mass weight was not a result of having no gallbladder and continuing to deny ongoing heath complications. Who then successfully prevented any post treatment support by providing dishonest medial option to independent medical assessment panels , advising new heath complications (many listed below) were not a result of a removed gallbladder, even to the extent of discounting the existence of PCS, advising 100% of treated patents (in the thousands) experience no heath complications.

I developed a single gallstone, right side pain only in mornings and after 90-minute endurance cardio workouts at gym or early mornings before getting up. No Attack, no stomach pains, nothing else that confirmed a diseased gallbladder.  As a heath and fitness gym junky, endurance sports mad fitness freak, I was told by my private heath funded Surgeon I had no option but to remove the stone through surgery to remove my entire gallbladder. Greatest risk presented to me if no undergoing treatment offered a remote possibility of death. Consent provide only on the basis of no affect to my healthy life style and no ongoing heath risks

As a result of medical fraud and subsequent cover-up by corrupt New Zealand Surgeons, my heath is left permanently butchered from what appears to be treatment injury damage to bile ducts ( required for bile flow to processing food).   I am in daily pain and discomfort. There is no treatment support offered by any New Zealand public or private hospital specialist, support also and blocked by New Zealand Surgeons presenting medical opinion denying heath complications (many listed above) as side affects of having a removed gallbladder . With no support, there is no hope for the further. Life goals and ambitions replaced with a painful living hell fighting for survival or recovery from damage affecting vital organs such as liver , heart and pancreas.

For me, serious heath complications kicked in with in 7 months post procedure.  The right side pain symptom justifying the procedure never went away and more painful at times. I have not been able to maintain fulltime employment income for the last six years now. I am unable to maintain my career and future employment opportunities are limited. For every 6-9 month employment, 2-3 months time off work is required to recover from resulting damage of my bodies systematic shut down (another story confirming treatment is a fraud – the re-plumbing of the bodies bile ducts does not work). Financial cost and loss of income over the last 6 years has been huge. Loss of my net take home salary caused from the bodies shut down or fighting to recover health estimated to be well over $300,000. Cost of seeking medical support, treatment and taking time out to recovery my heath is over $50,000. I have been living out of a suit case since 2007, either traveling for short term contract work or recovering from the resulting systematic  heath complications that immediately kick in when starting a 9-5 in a seated desk job

it is my opinion - US and New Zealand Surgeons with the current practice of denying patents the rights for full disclosed informed consent, have the moral and ethical integrity of habitual serial rapists when committing medical fraud.

I hope to find time to provide a follow-up post summarising 7 years of systematic heath shutdowns (many of the above listed complications developed) and recovery through a process of enabling better bile flow from damaged bile ducts over a 2-3 month period,  providing also more proof the procedure does not work for many patients and answers to why heath complications occur post gallbladder removal. Writing is not my best skillset.

We are fearfully made, our bodies are a precious gift to be used for good, not destroyed for dishonest profit. Beware of the disguised vicious wolves
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Disagree. There are a lot of success stories. Check it out.
No, no one ever needs their gallbladder removed.  It is an essential organ.  All the medical society is lying over this for their money.
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And success....

Story after story of pain relief and happy people.
Granted there are more stories online of unhappy people but the reason you are hearing from them is there desperation. Multiply their numbers by the thousands of satisfied patients that have no reason to come post their experience online.. And you have a more accurate picture of a glass half full. I'm 11 days post op and MY PAIN IS GONE.
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Sorry to tell you, but 11 days is too soon to rejoice. I felt great for 4 weeks. Then, the last 5 months have been a living hell. Good luck to you.
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