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Gallbladder removal surgery

I would like to know what i can eat or drink that will not irritate my gallbladder until its removed. I cant even drink water without it making my gallbladder feel like it has been set on fire. It makes me weary of even eating or drinking because its so uncomfortable , also a list of things for after the surgery that will be good to eat .
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Hi Trey....i had my GB out 18months ago so i empathise completely!! Stick to low fat and easily digestible foods, soups are good just not tomato based ones. Avoid alcohol, spicy and acidic foods like curries and yoghurt. Honestly bland is better, as boring as it sounds. Food after your surgery will totally depend on you and how you recover. Your surgeon or specialist will usually give you a list of recommended foods to eat.

Hope this helped and good luck for your surgery. Wishes for good health and a speedy recovery.

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Hi Trey
the only thing irritating your gallbladder is flour. Do not eat anything made with flour. Sauces, soups, cakes, etc.
You may eat corn or potatoes, as much as you want. Your Gallbladder gets very annoyed with flour (Gluten). So give it a break. Do it for ten to twelve days, you'll be amazed at how you feel. Surgery not necessary once you know what it is, causing you pain, cramps and often nausea attacks.
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