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Hello All,

I am a 49 year old female scheduled for gallbladder surgery Monday.  I had been diagnosed with small gallstones by ultrasound 18 years ago (talk about procrastination!) and like most mothers of young children, put it off with periods of feeling well, but never really having "normal" bowel movements.  Here's the deal:  Over that last several months my symptoms: gas, bloating,nausea (mostly mornings) constipation, fatigue, pressure in the under the right rib cage have shown up big time. I had another ultrasound in July, and these doctors confirmed the presence of gallstones, and thus the upcoming surgery.  I have been doing a lot of reading on line about other possible conditions that could cause such symptoms, i.e., Celiac disease (as I have Hashimoto's Thyroiditis), had a blood test done = negative.  I have also read that MANY people have gallstones all their lives and never know it!  I have never had a HIDA Scan.  Should I insist on one of those being done and determining my gallbladder ejection rate before yanking out organs that may or may not be the problem?  I have also read that many who have had their gallbladders removed experience the same and even worse symptoms as pre-surgery.  I'm scared I'm making the wrong decision here ....You can't put it back in once it's out!!! ...... or am I just procrastinating AGAIN??  Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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Hi there - I'm 45 and am going to see a surgeon on the 16th to schedule gall bladder removal. My main symptom is almost constant, severe pain, up under my right ribs, but I also have some nausea after eating, some days of diarrhea, some days of constipation and by the end of the day feel like I need to sleep for an entire day. This has been going on since February with all tests negative: blood work, ultrasound, CT scan, upper endoscopy (showed mild gastritis). I eventually had 2 Hida scans - the first one was "abnormal" was all they told me and the doc wanted me to go for a second one. I found out at my office visit that my first scan was 3% and the 2nd was 7%. He said "if anyone is a candidate for gall bladder surgery, it's you." I can't wait to get it out. To me the risk of it not relieving symptoms is worth it.
So I guess my comment is, although my symptoms aren't like yours, it was the Hida scan that was my determining factor. If I had gallstones, I would for sure get mine removed too. I have 2 close friends who have had their gallbladders removed for stones, and both had no problems whatsoever.To quote one: "It was the best thing I ever did for myself". I think people who had something go wrong are the ones who post - I hope anyway! Good luck- keep us posted!
Diane in NY
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Small gallstines can be dangerous, as they can get lodged in your bile duct and back up causing you to go jaundice, best to just have it out.  I had mine out in January from chronic inflammation (no stones) and after 7 months of hell so glad i did.  The surgery is a breeze and as long as you dont rush into eating the bad foods you will do well.  Good luck! Keep us posted.
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