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is it possible to have stones in bile ducts even after getting the gallbladder removed I'm having upper central quadrant pains just like I was b4 reason having gallbladder removed as I was suffering re occurring pain to the point had to get emergency services out and taken to hospital,I'd been experiencing terrible pain and vomiting but it was just all fluid and a hell of a lot too ,I then thought I was having a heart attack ,but it was a gallbladder attack,I am now a ur n half after having the surgery getting all the same painful upper central quadrant pain bk exactly the same,I'm having bloated stomach,pain,and committing religiously every couple of wks,just all fluid but this time there is lots of blood in my vomit and I can barely swallow afterwards  cause of the acid from my stomach,is this possible to have all the same symptoms bk after having gallbladder bladder removed n stones removed from bile ducts,I'm frightened that if I tell the doctor they make me have another ercp n I cant go threw all that again as the pain after was excruciating
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