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HIDA Scan 90% and Gallbladder Sludge

I am a 23 year old female. I have had 2 kids the most recent in Oct 2013. I am was pretty healthly up in tell Dec 2013. I started to have sharp pain in my right rib area and back. Nasuea and some vomiting. Bloating and gas. Bealching also. I had a ultrasound on my gallbladder in the ER and was told there was some sludge. I went to see a general surgen and had a HIDA scan done. My doctor told me it was normal with my gallbladder showing up in 15 mins  and my ejection rate being 90%. So if my gallbladder is functioning normally where did the sludge come from. And is the sludge causing my problems. My doctor is haveing me do a endoscopy to rule out other things. If that is normal then we will go back to the gallbladder. Any advice? Experiences? Comments? Any help at all? Thanks in advance.
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Your ejection rate is very high.  There has been newer research that shows that high rates can produce the same symptoms of gallbladder disease as lower rates .  My son was in extreme pain and had two HIDA scans that showed high ejection fraction.  I would seek a second opinion.  This is not a "normal" functioning gallbladder. Also, you might think about a naturalistic approach and research a gallbladder cleanse.
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