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Has anyone tried any natural remedies/detoxes to heal their gall bladder?

Hello I'm 32/f 5'3" 160lbs non smoker no alcohol use. I've been suffering from chronic GI problems for the past 6 years, always having doctors tell me they don't know whats wrong with me.  I have gone yet again to my doctor for constant nausea, some heart burn (vomiting bile) and diarrhea for the past 3 weeks.  They did another ultra sound on my gallbladder (last one was 2 years ago and came up clean) but this time they found some sludge.  My doctor thinks I should think about getting it removed.  But I don't have "attacks" ever and there is no pain.  
The constant let down from doctors and medicines that don't work has led me to try and follow a more natural path, so I feel like since the organ isn't totally destroyed there must be away to heal it or flush the sludge.  Has any one out there done anything to heal theirs and avoid going under the knife? I have seen a few detoxes online that seem simple enough, but most of them involve drinking Epsom salts which I thought could be very dangerous to your health?    
Has anyone tried these cleanses or know someone who has?  Have you/they had any luck. The last thing I want to do id land myself in the ER for poisoning myself lol.  Thanks so much in advance for your help.
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