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If it isnt my gall bladder then what is it?

About 3 months ago I started having extreme pain starting under my upper right abdominal quadrant that spread to my back and kidneys, around the same time for the first time in my life I got a UTI ( am 50 years old) They treated the UTI and it went away. (I have had one more since then, also treated and went away) I had high Amylase and Lipase levels, they diagnosed pancreatitis, I don't drink to excess. Since then i have had an ultrasound which came back clear no stones ( they couldn't see my pancreas on the ultrasound the results stated "The pancreas
was obscured by overlying bowel" I went in for a HIDA scan, the doctor just called me and told me my gall bladder function is normal....When i took the test the morning the pain was pretty bad and i have been nauseous ever since, My stool is clay colored. I have also had a thyroid gland due to the fact that one of the other symptoms is difficulty swallowing. On my blood work my Alk Phosphatase levels were high as were my ALT (SGPT) but not excessively high. The first one was 117 and the second 59. In addition high WBC counts for almost five years but when I ask am told nothing to be concerned about. My last test also had a high MCH reading but am told that my thyroid function is fine.

Here are my symptoms:
Repeated UTI's
Difficulty swallowing, feeling of fullness in throat
Upper right quadrant abdominal pain spreading to back and upper back
Intermittent vomiting
Acid re-flux for no apparent reason ( no i don't drink soda or acidic fruit juices.)
Light or clay colored stools ( not all the time and what i eat seems to have no apparent effect on it.

My doctor has just refereed me to a gastro doctor, Frankly i am wondering if this is para thyroid gland or something else. I feel like if the test don't immediately show something they expect they will keep futzing around until I am dead or immobilized. Any thoughts appreciated.

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