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In desperate need of advice
I had my gallbladder removed aug.11,and due to an unsuccessful ercp the stone blocking my bile duct was left as was a stent.A little over a week later the stent had migrated through my bowel and was expelled.This was very scary as I was told the stent would need to be removed by ercp.So I called the gastroenterologist and he laughed it off stating that the stone must have pushed out the stent and it was fine.Sorry,I forgot to add that a day before the stent came out I had what the dr called a vasovagul attack and I told him I was having sharp pains if I move,cough,sneeze,etc.They sent me home.About 1 1/2 weeks later,I began to feel the very same symptoms I had during my gallbladder problem.I made an appt. with my primary doctor who did blood work and told me she'd have the results by the end of the day.I called the office several hours later and was told my dr had taken the rest of the day off and she was the only one with access to my results!!By now I was in excruciating pain,vomiting and again noticed my stools were very pale and urine brown.Fearing I was on my way to liver failure I went to the er.After being brought by ambulance they left me in the hallway for over 3 hours before even evaluating me!After blood work,urinalysis,and an ultrasound had been done,they sent me home,told me to call my dr in the morning and said all my test results were fine.I couldn't believe it...I knew they were wrong...and sure enough I was out of the hospital just a few hours when I got a call from my pcp,she told me to go back yo the er right away as my LFT results came back horrible(790)So I rushed to the only other hospital in town and was admitted,aside from my test results I have also developed jaundice.My Gastro dr plans to do a mrcp,as the other hospital said my ultrasound was fine,but he says something must be there as my bilirubin levels keep rising.I can't understand why the first hospital I went to sent me home saying I'm fine but a couple hours later I find out that is untrue.I am currently hospitalized and honestly losing trust and confidence in the medical professionals around me.Please help,I have four kids and really I do not want to be in this hospital...should I switch doctors??Any input,advice,or even opinion is much appreciated.I honestly feel I should report the hospital that sent me home to die in front of my children...I'm really not that type of person,but I kind of feel obligated to let people know that hospital is untrustworthy!!!
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