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Is this my gallbladder??

I'm only 19 years old, but I've been having severe back pain on the right side for about six months now.  I've tried physical therapy and chiropractors, but nothing worked and finally my physical therapist suggested getting my gallbladder checked since the pain was around my shoulder blade, and I've been having some indigestion and diarrhea when I eat certain foods.  I made an appointment to see my doctor and a few days before I went, I started getting a weird "pressure" feeling on my right side just under my ribs.  It kinda felt like someone was jabbing their finger into me.. not really painful, but very uncomfortable.  

I went for tests on my gallbladder and the ultrasound came back normal.  I also had a HIDA scan which came back "normal" except that my EF was 95%!! Isn't that high?  I'm wondering what could have caused it to be so high..  I also felt my symptoms during the test.  I had back pain, pressure in my right side/ stomach area, and my stomach made all kinds of weird noises.  I had diarrhea for about 3 hours after the test and it was miserable!  My doctor said on my ultrasound the only strange thing was that my liver was on the "high end of normal", whatever that means.  

Recently the pain in my side has gotten worse, and I'm loosing a lot of weight because I'm not eating very much.  My stomach does feel better now that I'm eating a lot less, and I don't feel much nausea or diarrhea until I eat a larger/ normal sized meal.  I've cut out anything greasy or fried completely and avoid things high in fat because they make me feel sicker.  I feel the pain and uncomfortable pressure in my side whenever I eat anything though and the back pain has been pretty horrible the past few days.  

I'm thinking gallbladder still, but none of my doctors seem to agree with me because they see nothing wrong with a 95% on my HIDA scan.  Anything else this could be, or any other reason besides gallbladder that my EF would be a 95%?
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Idk why I put 19 years old.. I'm 20, almost 21.  (Female, not overweight)
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Hi.ive had my gall bladder removed when I was 19.RReading what u have written doesnt sound like it to me. The pain is excruciatin. It had me on my hands and knees. Bein sick sometimes helped the pain. I would ave to go a n e for pain relief. Scans didnt show anythin until I had a bad attack. I got shooting pain in right rib into back.. hurt when breathed was horrendous. Worse than child birth. All I wi say is if u think it is this theb push to be seen it can be dangerous x
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yes, your gall bladder. doesnt matter if your hida scan is normal. my sons was normal but gallbladder bad.
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