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Is this normal after having gallbladder removed? 23 lb fluid pitting edema?

Hi everyone. Trying again with more detail- I am new here and hoping to find someone who can help.

I went to ER in hypovolemic shock and severe dehydration ending up in ICU for three days and ended up that way due to stomach issues which they finally did tests to find out I had a very sick gallbladder

I was readmitted for surgery and in for four days. They took me off my diuretic and bp meds. I have gained 23 pounds in two weeks and esp since surgery. That’s all pitting edema and fluid from my lungs down to my toes but my doctor says it’s “normal” and increase protein and rest. Doing all of this hasn’t brought the swelling down. I don’t want to make a third visit to the hospital but I’m not getting better and I’ve also had a fever going up and down treating with Tylenol. Any advice / help / input would be greatly appreciated!!!! Thx so much
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