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Laparoscopic Gallbladder Surgery Complications

I am 58 years old female and had my gallbladder removed April 14, 2011 after  2 1/2  years of severe diarreah and vomiting.  Finally, after losing 38 lbs., I told my doctor that something had to be done because I didn't think I could last much longer the way I was going and he sent me to a Gastrointestinal Specialist.  She immediately ran an upper and lower Gastrointestinal Endoscopy in which she told me she found over 46 ulcers in my upper colon and 14 of them were bleeding.  She had to cauterize the bleeding ulcers before finishing the procedure.  The lower colon showed me to have Inflammatory Bowel Disease.  However, she said before being treated for these two conditions, my gallbladder needed to come out because it was full of stones and diseased.   My, my I said to myself, no wonder I haven't been feeling well.  I was very reluctant to have my gallbladder removed because my Sister had her's removed several yeras ago and had not felt good since and said she wishes she could have it put back.
I was scheduled to see the surgeon that was going to remove my gallbladder and the visit did not go well with me but against my gut instinct, I went ahead and allowed him to do the surgery.  Red Flad but I didn't do anything about i.
I have a mitral valve prolapse and must take antibiotics prior to surgery and especially if there is a risk of infection and the closer the surgery is to my heart, the greater the need for antibiotic.  I cannot have any dental work without antibiotics.  I know from experience.  I had laparoscopic knee surgery and they gave me antibiotics as well as they did when I had back surgery.  However, the general surgeon that was going to perform my laparoscopic gall bladder surgery said there was no need for me to take the antibiotics for this type of surgery.  I argued with him and he said there was no need and to trust him.  I argue for the third time and explained that I had gotten the antibiotics with my knee surgery as well as my back surgery but he was determined that I was not going to get any antibiotics and so I shutup and decided that he must know best.  Right?
My friend brought me home after surgery around 5PM and I slept through the night and part of the next day.  When I got up, the incision on my naval had abscessed to about the size of a baseball and it was very painful.  I was very weak and running a fever.  I called the doctor's office and informed them of the problem and they told me if I get worse to go to the emergency room.  Sometime later and by now, I didn't know if it was evening or night because I had been sleeping off and on and just knew I felt horrible.  I looked at my incision and it was still the same and I decided it was time to try and clean up.  The abscess ruptured while taking a bath and it was as though a hugh boil had just burst.  It was totally disgusting.  I cleaned the abscess and boiled it out with peroxide and bandaged it and went back to bed.  The next day, I woke up and thought I was about to die.  I had about 103 degrees fever and could not breath and wheezing badly.  I knew I had come down with a severe case of bronchitis.  I went to my regular doctor because he was just 1/2 mile from me and I didn't have the strength to go anywhere else.  The doc was very concerned and afraid I might be getting pneumonia.  He prescribed me tons of meds and I picked them up and went home and went back to bed.  Gallbladder out, stomach full of ulcers and I am piling on antibiotics, pain killers, cough syrup all on empty stomach.
Unable to return to work and too weak to even walk, my abscess is slowly getting better.  Finally, I return to the surgeon who removed my gallbladder for my followup and my abscess is about the size of my thumb.  I had kept is office informed.  I showed him my naval and he did not examine but looked at my naval and said "Ummm, I have never seen anything like that.  I don't know what it is."  He then turned around on his stool and finished completing his report and handed me my release papers.  Now, all of the doctors think I should go back to him and let him correct what he broke and he doesn't even know what it is and he refused to give me antibiotics.  I refuse to let him touch me.  If I have to, I will go out of state and go to the emergency and play dumb in order to get some medical attention...
Now to let you all know where my burning pain above the level 10 is much of the time is.  I have a complete hysterectomy in 1991 which incldes taking both ovaries.  After having my gallbladder taking out, where my left ovary should be is excruciating buring pain.  I was beginning t think I was going crazy when 2 different doctors ran full CT Scans of my pelvis and abdomen and both told me I needed to return the the original surgeon to have surgery but would not say anything else.  Also, my back has been hurting so bad that I cannot stand up for any length of time or sit or sleep...  The gasto doctor just ran another CT of the pelvis and abdomen on 11/08/2011 and the office called me on 11/11/11 and said I needed to come in 11/14/11 to discuss the tests.  I hope she says she will refer me to someone because I am not going back to th original surgeon.  No discussion.
I am on ulcer medicine and she tested me for chron's disease.  I had the diarreah problem attack me in my 20's and lost a lot of weight and it stayed around for about a year and then left and then again when I mis-carried when I was 30 and didn't leave for several years and I lost a substantial amount of wait again.  Then mis-carried 5 more times and diarreah just stuck around until I divorced and it left too.  When it returned in 2009, I think it moved in to stay and the gallbladder removal did not help and so here I am worse off then before my surgery with more pains and  doctors NOT wanting to touch where another doctor has been.  I cannot eat much of anything that does not go straight through me.  I have to wear diapers and do not leave the house unless necessary.  I had to retire and cannot live on what I am making so I am really in a mess.  Non one wants me working for them if I am in the restroom all the time or have to go home to change clothes.  

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Hello and hope you are doing well.

Understand your predicament. The diarrhoea could be due to the inflammatory bowel disease. The abscess needs to be drained and treated. Have a culture and sensitivity test done to find out the correct antibiotic that the infecting organism is sensitive to and taking this medication for the required amount of days may help to clear the infection.

Hello and hope you are doing well.
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