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Pain..constipation after gallbladder removal

I had my gallbladder removed 4 days ago.  I stayed in the hospital over night due to the pain.  The released me the next evening but I have still been in constant pain.  Even when I take my pain medication.  I am hunched over and holding my stomach just to move.  It is even causing my back to hurt since my posture is effected now.  I haven't had a bowel movement since before my surgery too.  I resumed a normal diet except for red meats and fried fatty foods since I don't want to feel more pain.  I thought I would feel better in a few days but I feel the same as when I left the hospital.  I can't even bend over or lift my hands above my head to wash my hair and my stomach is tight and bloated like I am 8 months pregnant.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!  I don't know what to do anymore.
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I'm assuming your surgery was done laparascopically?  When the scope is used, the surgeon has to pump carbon dioxide into your abdominal cavity to provide a clear field so he can see what he's doing.  When the surgery is over, they pump out as much of that gas as they can.  As a scope surgery veteran, I can tell you that sometimes the CO2 just doesn't get pumped out as much as it should, and the related pain has lasted up to a week.  Do you notice that it's worse when you sit upright or stand?  Does it seem to radiate up into your shoulders after a while?  If so, it's probably just leftover CO2 and it WILL go away as your body gradually absorbs it.  When you are upright, the gas rises and presses on a collection of nerves in your solar plexus and it really hurts!  All you can do is stay horizontal with your feet slightly elevated and wait it out.

If you are able to eat normally without making the pain worse, or experiencing diarrhea, I'd about bet money it's just the carbon dioxide.  Try not to move around so much.  Even though it doesn't look like much from the outside, you had a whole lot of work done on your insides and it takes time for all that to heal.  Go back to a bland diet for a couple days if the food is still a problem.
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Yeah i was told the gas they pump into the body during the surgery could cause alot of discomfort for a few days after the surgery. I never had that problem but my nurse told me it would radiate up in the back and shoulders.
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Good info again Jaybay. It seem like another problem or complication one can have with GB surgery. I wish you all the best in your recovery and pray I make the right decision about surgery.
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Thank you for the responses.  The pain is usually when I have to get up and sit down.  I have to slouch over most of the time because the pain feels like its stretching me abdomen.  I will update everyone!
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Why have it out if its going to be a ongoing problem with pain,thats why you want it out to beginn with and you getting more pain and gas and constpation,you might as well leave it in ?
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All surgery is painful; if you know of one that isn't, then let me know. It was only 4 days since her surgery, way too soon to be totally rid of any post surgical pain. It's been 4 weeks since my surgery and I am now pain free. But it took almost 2 weeks to walk upright and become functional again afterward.

And everyone doesn't have the option of leaving the gallbladder in due to gallstones and infection. In some cases the gallbladder has turned gangrenous or has ruptured. Most post surgical pain is only temporary, so telling someone to leave their gallbladder in after being told that it needs to come out is irresponsible.
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I had my gallbladder removed tuesday, and i was told that if you sleep or lay with you feet and lower body elevated higher than your shoulders then that would help release the gas that was pumped into you during surgery,  my uncle is an anesthesiologist and had a lot of helpful hints. I found it helped. also constipation was a problem too, and eating certain foods will effect that, stay away from fat, and sugar foods, also breads can effect your bowel movements
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I had my Galbladder removed only last Sunday, I am still not having a bowel movement and am eating pretty normal since surgery. My stomach feels like I was kicked in the gut but I guess that is normal. I do have to say on a positive note I am not as sick as I was before the surgery. I was in tremendous pain and had emergency surgery on a weekend. Are there any foods I should eat to help this along? Or will this just happen on it's own. I guess I should ask my doctor but came across this site which is helping answer some of my questions.
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I had my gallbladder removed eight days ago by open surgery, and couldnt understand the bloating feeling I had. After reading the coments here I now understand a little more.
I am slowly getting on top of the pain and have good and  bad days.
onward and upward :)
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Anethesia from the surgery, prescription pain meds and lack of moving around are the "perfect storm" for constipation.  You should have been advised unless otherwise indicated to use a stool softener like ducosate and drink tons of water.  Stay away from laxatives however to avoid cramping and dehydration.  One great trick is to fill a thermos with the warmest water you can drink and take sips from it every 10 minutes throughout the day and try to walk around which will help get things moving digestively.   Constipation after surgery can cause complications if you don't get it under control so you should definately contact your doctor if none of this works.  Hope you feel better soon!  researchaholic
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I am having the same problem!
I had my gb out 5 days ago, I had a colonoscopy 3 days before that. I haven't been to the toilet now for 9 days.
Went to the doctors yesterday as my tummy is huge and he said i have ALOT of gas left in me.
I have to take agoryl(sp?) tonight and if i don't go by friday I have to go back to emergency.
What are the complications of not going?

I can feel my blood pressure is low as I keep feeling extremely faint, but doctor didn't check my blood pressure or explain why I would be feeling like this?

Also....3 hours ago I had what felt like the onset of a gall attack that lasted for about 5 minutes, i think it was caused from what I ate. And since then i have a popping gurgling feeling coming from where the GB was. Any idea's?

And the pain in my back, don't even get me started.

curiousinvabeach I hope you feel better soon.x

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Hi, I had my gallbladder removed on 14th May 2009 it is now the 17th I am still in a fair bit of pain I had alot of gas in me and was very constipated the hospital gave me 2 enemers which finally helped 24hrs later, I found the best way to relieve the gas was to walk about althou this did hurt it was more painful to let the gas get trapped. I sill cant walk upright and im not able to eat alot at a time, hopefully I will get there soon and start to feel normal again.
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I had my gallbladder surgery removed by 3 incisions, and today is day 4. I experienced a sharp pain down in my private part the 2nd night, but it went away the next day. (have anyone had that before?) I have been on clear diets, with lots of water, apple juice, apples.. And today, chicken soup healthy choice of course! But I haven't been able to poop yet... Constipations... Ugh... Tried fishoil, and Fiberone, but so far nothing seemed to work or help me... Also I have this little needle pain where the gallbladder used to be.... Sigh... Can anyone help please? I have researched online, and nothing helps...
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I had my GB removed via emergency surgery this past Sunday.  It was done laparoscopically.  I had really bad pain Monday and was very naseaus on Monday as well so I was not released until Tuesday afternoon.  I am home now but I have not had a BM movenment yet, I am taking a stool softner but that isnt working.  My stomach is swollen and bloated and still has quite a bit of pain, feels like my insides are falling out.  My back yeah that hurts alot as well.  May i ask how long it took before you had a BM?  Also did you get any blisters around your incisions?  I'm asking you becuase you're the most recent post and I dont want to be one of those pesky patients that surgeons dont like.  I hope you're feeling better now and I look forward to any advice you can give me.
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If you are taking medication for the pain, it will make the constipation worse. If it has been more than a week since your last bowel movement, call your GI doctor and your surgeon.
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I had to have open gall bladder surgery 9 months ago which left a 10 inch scar on my right side. Was told the Gall bladder was gangrenous. After 9 months now I get needle type sharp pricking feelings down the front of my stomach and in different areas each day they come and go and also where the scar is. Is this to do with nerve damage during the operation and does this go away in time or is this for life. I am still numbed in most of the area and also where my stomach muscles are. When I try to do a sit up the stomach muscles move to my right side and not level as before the operation. When I eat I get bloated easterly. Is this now what i must expect for the rest of my life. The state of the gall bladder the surgeon told me was one of the worse they had seen and they had a lot of work to do because of the state it was in.
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I had my gallbladder out 2 days ago and I am now able to get up and down from sitting position without any real pain. I have not had any bowel movement yet despite taking softener and eating figs and dates. Feeling bloated but eating reasonably well. Feel like I've been kicked in the stomach and getting occasional pain in the right shoulder. Also I'm not sure if any other men have experienced this but I have found my penis likes to stay semi-large most of the time since the operation. Is this normal?
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I had my gall bladder out 1 week ago and had to be admitted twice back in the hospital for dehydration. I have hot flashes. I have terrible stomach cramps. I have terrible gas just from drinking water...and what really ***** is that i could have kept my gall bladder!! It was hyperactive and I made a huge mistake by taking it out! DON'T DO IT if you have the option....def not worth feeling like this. And from what i read...this will last forever...great
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Hello im a 16 year old girl, i was terribly overweight about 300 pounds a year ago, hours from death got hospotalized and had a galstone and galbladder surgry, ive been chronicly constipated ever since and nothong NOtHIng helps. Every so often in the morning i can drink water and smoke a bowl and have a tiny bowel movement. Its gotten so bad im starting to puke nile agian. I dont drink because i dont wanna currupt the liver w.e please help. After surgary for half a year i was so healthh fruit veggys fish small meat portions and rice after spending hundrads on cpnstipation relife and bus fair to go talk to doctora who wone help me i gave up now for the past 6 months ive just been eating fat food everyday and not caring. My health is terrible im giving up and my atress is to the top. My life is far from normal and assuming someone on here is stuck in a situation like mine can help somehow! Lol thanks
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I just had gall bladder removed yesterday. I have not had a bm in 5 days. The pain is awful below my belly button. I have taken 2 doses of milk of mag, the dr suggested this and it is not working. I am having problems standing and sitting. It feels like my gut is being ripped out. I had pain before the surgery but this is unbearable. I hope this gets better. Feel like im dying. I am starting to wonder if it was worth it. Dr said my gall bladder was fool of stones and only one showed up on ultra sound in the er 3 days ago. If you have the symptoms of gall bladder problems i suggest you get checked out. Could be worse than you think. I am going to hang in there and hope for the best. This just really ***** and i feel for anyone that has to feel this same pain.
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My wife had Gallbladder surgery three days ago the doctor suggested Magnesium Calcite it appears to be working. You can get it at the Pharmacy over the counter. it is relatively cheap  and effective.
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