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Pbc or other autoimmune condition or celiac?
Hello everyone,
Please help if someone can relate!
I had some strange symptoms that made me go to rheumatologist.I did a full panel autoimmune test for rehular antibodies.The only positive was Amam2. So i was scared and went to 2 gastro doctors the best actually.They both recommended liver blood test and all other and alkaline phosphatase
All were normal.ultrasound was normal.Also repeated after a month and still all normal.
Doctors said sometimes these kind of antibodies when done all together ( it was not a titre evident, was just written positive)are not very reliable.
I have to repeat Ama once more next month.
Another doctor said it might me an molecular mimicry or something with other autoimmune condition.
I dont.understand.Also doctor thought of celiac but did TTG antibodies were negative.
I do have abdominal pain but i do havr had history of gastritis and IBS.
Please can anyone give an idea what should I do next?
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