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Please help Gallbladder removal ruined my life.

It's been almost three years since my gallbladder was taken out due to gallstones. Since the surgery I have had all the horrible symptoms. Diarrhea almost every time I eat. Bloating. Digestive pain. After the surgery my surgeon told me I could go back to eating the normal stuff a 23 year old eats. I found out that he was dead wrong. So I started eating healthy. Mainly chicken that's lightly seasoned with a side of vegetables. Stuff like that. The symptoms haven't gotten any better. This has made it to where I have distanced myself from all of my friends because I can't go anywhere with them just in case I have "stomach troubles". This is very much ruining my life. I even was fired from a good paying job because of taking too many bathroom breaks. I went to a doctor and they did a stool sample test and blood work and said they "found nothing wrong". I need help please.
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Keep in mind that the bile stored in the gallbladder helps the digestion. But you are not getting it mixed into your meals in large amounts anymore since it slowly migrates in vs forced in large portions via your gallbladder contracting in it's stored contents.

So it sounds like you are trying to eat the right types, but you may have to eat smaller portions and eat more often. There is simply not enough bile getting into your meals for proper digestion. You could also try some for the digestion pills offered out there now, just to see if they might have out a bit.

Hope you can find a solution. Take care.
Well, I'm eating 5 meals a day and eating smaller portions. Nothing is helping.
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First i would like to say a diseased gall balder will not do its expected function. So removing that is much better because a gallbladder with stone can block bile duct and creat jaundice or events it can turn to be a Cancer.so better is with out that
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My 12 yr old daughter is going thru great pains and discomfort 5 months after she had her gallbladder removed, She called me from school telling me she had pain on her right side and it goes to her back, sometimes she felt like a gallgladder attack. After each pain flare her liver enzymes were extremely elevated.  Her Gastroenterologyst suggested an ERCP, but it was risky. No stones were found in her bile duct. So he suggested she may have ODI. After the ERCP she contracted pneumonia and was in the hospital for 8 days. She has missed so much school and now that she is back, sometimes she calls me and tells me she still gets pain on her right side. In the forums I found out she may have postcholecystectomy syndrome, so following the natural path, I found people taking  a supplement called "Jarrow Bile Acid Factors" and the reviews are very positive from people suffering this chronic illness. I will try the bile acid factors and see if this finally helps her feel less miserable. I wish you the best.
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I have my gallbladr in suggest 2017 and my life in complete nightmare..  I did not have pain before gallbladder surgery just ibs. I have not found an answer and this has been getting worse snice gallbladder surgery.
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