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Possible gall bladder.

I have really sharp pains in right side of stomach...ofcourse this could be several things. The pain felt at first (3 days ago) as extreme hunger pangs. This pain is the 2nd time I felt this year, the last time I felt this pain was 2 years ago, it seems a recurring pain, although irregularly. I have ruled out kidney stones, because I have heard that pain would be way more unbearable.

Eating a bowl of weetabix (cornflakes) tends to best alleviate the pain. So does herbal tea.  I have tried Gaviscon indigestion tablets, but that doesn't help.

Male. 25 years old. Non drinker. Non Smoker. Slightly obese/overweight.
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Hi there,
Acute cholecystitis can cause pain in right upper abdomen or pain just below the ribs on the right side. There may be pain accompanied with nausea, vomiting and wind. There will be jaundice, nausea and fever. Pain is worse on movement or coughing. Other differentials of your condition could be acute pancreatitis, reflux disease etc.If you are doubtful seek medical help. A complete medical history, clinical examination and work up like ultrasound abdomen may help. Do write to me again.
Best wishes and regards!
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