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Post op gall bladder removal

I had gall bladder removed 7 days ago and I am not able to eat anything without it coming up. In addition, I have diarrhea 10-12 times a day that is clay colored.  I hurt constantly and having started vommitting blood.  Should I wait for follow up or seek care at ER?
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If you are vomitting blood i suggest a visit to the ER thats not normal... I wasnt able to eat anything for 10 days without vomiting, but blood could indicate a problem.  Better to be safe.
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Hope everything is ok did you go for a follow up to see what caused this?
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Hi ... you should read my post....My 8 year old had hers removed and its the biggest mistake (a parent) could make :(((((( ..I do most certainly hope you get better....Its been 6 weeks now for my little one - and the nausea is crippling her little life x
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