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Really High ALT and AST caused by a bad gallbladder? Should we seek a specialist?

My wife had an ALT of 1929 and AST of 1289 and first it was Hepatitis so we did tests and those came out negative. Then it was cancer or cirrhosis. These doctors here have the worst bedside manner I have ever seen or heard of. They scared the hell out of us with these diagnosis we have a beautiful baby boy (6 months old) and we don't need this stuff right now. So we had an ultrasound done and saw the gallbladder was inflamed and walls thickened. With a huge stone (5cm) so this was all that was causing the high enzyme levels so they say. They have the worst bedside manner I have ever seen or heard of. Should we seek out a specialist now that the gallbladder is gone and they say we don't need more blood test done. I am worried it could be something else going on with the liver with those numbers. I just want to be sure that the gallbladder can cause numbers to go that high.
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