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Severe stomach Pain; Vomiting Bile

About 5 years ago I had my gall bladder out due to excessive stones and pain. I still felt like I had a rolled up pair of socks under my rib cage, so my Dr. put me on all kinds of medicines. I still did not get better. I had all kinds of tests and CT Scans and Ultrasounds, but nothing could be found. I had an EGD and a colonoscopy and they decided all that they saw was my bile duct was narrowing. They did surgery and put a stint in my bile duct. I had the worse case of Pancreatitis ever and what should have been out patient surgery landed me in the hospital for a week where I also ended up with pneumonia. I did get better after this, but I lost 40 pounds. 5 years later and I started out with my IBS coming back. Vomiting and diarhea. I developed a horrible urinary tract infection. My doctor treated it and I felt better, but once I was through with the mediction I started hurting and vomitting again. I thought it was the same thing. I went back to the Doctor and she said I did not have a UT. I went home where I continued to vomit bile and I started having radiating pain from my stomach to my back. I went to the ER. They did a CT Scan and said that they saw nothing, but that my urine showed I had a kidney infection. I just had a test declaring no infection the day before and now they were telling me I had an infection. While I was at the ER, I had pain that moved around just like the pancreatitis I had years before. He said the blood and urine showed nothing, but a kidney infection and sent me home with Tramadol and an antibiotic. I am getting worse. The pain I am feeling is not kidney. If I drink all the water he told me too, I vomit it up and it tastes like bile. If I eat, I vomit it up and get severe pain. It seems like I am worse at night. All I know is that this is not a kidney infection. I can not stand this pain and illness anymore. I went to the ER and my general physician and no help from either. What do I do?  feel like I am going to die. Any suggestions?
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