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Sure its gall stones?

Diagnostic opinions.

I've been experiencing some symptoms which I believe point to gall stones but my latest symptoms are throwing me a bit and i want to avoid unnecessary gall bladder removal and as such would like opinions.


I work permanent night shifts:
About 6 months to a year ago i had a few episodes whereby I had acute upper central abdomen pain around 4am which disappeared in a space of seconds within 1h.

I more recently had an ultrasound scan which revealed a small amount of very small gall stones within the bladder itself.

I tried a remedy shown here:
(my doctor didn’t object)
Which was very successful in that I passed what appeared to be several small pea sized green stones.

Months later (about 3 weeks ago) I had some grilled chicken about 9pm before bed ( I was very full). I awoke around 2 am with severe abdominal pain that persisted for 3 hours. The pain was on my left just under my ribs (stomach) It didn’t feel acidic. I tried Pepto Bismol and Epsom salts. If anything this made things worse.
I was sweating heavily and vomited violently (due to pain rather than nausea), I had no bowel movements
I went to hospital where they took blood and gave me 60mg codeine then 5mg IV morphine straight from the syringe which did not ease the pain.

About an hour later before the doctor saw me the pain passed, the doctor told me that all my blood stats were completely normal, my blood pressure was better than ever, and my stomach was making the right sounds. I realised I had not had a bowel movement in a few days and thought this may be the problem. (possibly due to recently incorporating large amounts of rice in to my diet)

I had tenderness and a cramped feeling across my whole upper abdomen for up to a week after, during which I used Senna to make sure I was regular. I also sweated a lot and felt hot. my temperature remained around 37'C

I visited my GP about 3 days in and they dipped my urine to test for UTI which showed slightly elevated protein levels but not enough to indicate kidney infection, the doctor sent me home with Lansoprazole, and antibiotics (cant remember the name but the ones they give for UTI).

Not happy a few days later I saw another GP who ordered another blood test and asked me to see how I felt after the antibiotics.

By the time I finished the antibiotics I felt fine, I could eat with confidence (my appetite was always fine), I even tried eating small portions of fatty food (duck and fried potatoes) to see if it aggravated my gall bladder but I was fine.

My blood tests showed normal pancreas /liver function etc, but raised white blood cell count.
My doctor referred me to consult with a gastric surgeon, and asked me to have more blood taken in 2 weeks.

It’s now a week on from there, as such I think the theory of gall stone issues is quite likely.

What’s throwing me a bit is that since then I have had three episodes about 6 hours after eating of mild discomfort, Its always after eating large portions of meat (once chicken, once beef, once pork) but the discomfort is always on my left side ( i would say diagonally accross the length of my stomach) I am mildly constipated and trying to have a bowel movement during an episode seems to make the pain move to my back (general), these three episodes have all been mild in terms of pain and felt more like digestive issues, it seems to relieve itself after an hour, I can almost feel the food move to the next stage of my digestive system then i feel ok with a little lingering back pain and possibly acid.

The only other thing i can say is i've had no nausea or diarrhea, normal urination, stimulants such as coffee seem fine and I’ve also dropped a stone in weight despite a healthy appetite.
I did notice a minor twinge in the gall area during vigorous physical activity.

I accept gall bladder issues are by far most likely but I was wondering what procedures/tests are worth doing to confirm (I live in the UK if that makes much difference), What's annoying me is the opinion of doctors seems to be that gall bladder removal is insignificant, but many people who have it done seem to experience on-going digestive distress for the rest of their life as far as I can see. I'm rather annoyed that though I was once quite unhealthy. My general eating habits are now much more healthy and i'm making an effort, but the prospect of gall bladder removal seems to point to weight gain and general digestive misery?
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Ask for a HIDA scan this checks the functioning of the gallbladder, although when i had my attacks on and off for 7 months was always on the right upper side under ribs and into the back... hope you get some answers definitely ask for the HIDA.  All my scans and blood were normal but after my surgery, he told me it was inflamed and full of scar tissue...
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