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Take him to emerg or not?

My Dad has a gallstone lodged in his bile duct. His doctor said it is in a dangerous place and needs emergency surgery. We have been waiting over a week already to have him go in. I tried calling his doctor who is out for the week and got no where with his office. Dad also has become extremely anemic. The issue is that he is in increasing amount of pain when he sits straight, goes from a reclined position to sitting and sitting to standing. He has become very weak and can hardly walk. He is extremely pale and although our temps were hovering around 100F he had a sweater and blanket on as he is so cold. I'm worried that his stone has cut through the bile duct wall but some of those symptoms other then the pain could possibly be attributed to anemia but I'm not sure to what extent. He is a stubborn man and is trying to hold out till they call him for the surgery but 1) I'm concerned he won't have the strength for the surgery and 2) that if the bile duct is compromised, that if we wait over the weekend, then it may be to late. If anyone can tell me if this is cause for greater concern then I already have and something concrete I can tell him that it would be more the gallstone then the anemia, it would be greatly appreciated.
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