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Weight gain after gallbladder removal

Hello, I've been reading posts similar to my own complaints. 2 years ago I was in great physical condition, not an ounce overweight, but I had gallstones and as a result elected to have my gallbladder removed. Dumb, dumb, dumb! I did not even think to look up the after-effects of this surgery. Today I would happily take my gallstones and gallbladder back if I could just lose the 20+ pounds I have gained since the surgery. And the constipation as well! It is a nightmare. I think it is reprehensible that not one doctor suggested weight gain and constipation as a possible side effect of this surgery. From what I understand, I can supplement my diet with bile salts. I eat a very healthy diet, a Mediterranean diet with lots of fish, spinach, fresh fruits and veggies, and still I am packing on the pounds as if I ate nothing but sweets and carbs every day. I am SO UPSET. My work is physically vigorous and demanding. I am a horse trainer and in the course of one day I walk at least 5 miles, eat barely a thing apart from oatmeal for breakfast, fruit and yogurt for lunch, and a sensible dinner of fish/chicken, salad, and rice. I do NOT overeat. I would be so grateful to speak with anyone who shares my symptoms. Thank you to anyone who has read my post.

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me too i have gained 45 pounds since my gallbladder was removed two years ago, i havent been checked for thyroid diease but i have been told that the reason for my weight gain is because our gallbladder is used to breakdown the bile but since we dont have it anymore there isnt anything to help breakdown the bile and some how it doesnt let us lose weight fast enough. after my surgery i was told by my doctor that i may have trouble losing weight i just want answers
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Don't believe the Doctors, they just want to make money from you and your insurance.  Find a Doctor who will help you disolve the stones or help you find a dietician that specializes in gallblader removal.  Espeiallly eating and keeping your weight on not lose it or make your life a living hell. Like Dr Parel did in macon, Ga  he will make your life miserable.   An inexperience Doctor like him should be removed from the medical profession. They need to start checking on doctors like Dr. Parel. Macon, GA.
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I have had the same struggles. I had my gallbladder removed 5 years ago and I have been gaining steady since. I work out a lot and eat very clean and healthy as I have food allergies and sensitivities that I watch very closely. When I got the gallbladder removed I felt amazing for about a year. Then I started to get constant bloating and then the weight started to come on. I to had a doctor tell me she couldn't help me with my obesity problem ( I am most defiantly not obese) SO I had her send me for every test in the book. I also had a gastroscopy done. as it turns out I have a motility problem and my food does not get into my stomach as fast as most people. but that aside the weight gain, mostly is in my stomach and it doesn't matter how much I work out or run or do yoga or eat right I just keep gaining. My biggest issue as well is the bloating. I wake up looking like im 6 months pregnant a lot of the times and sometimes its so painful and hard to breathe. I've been researching a lot about food sensitivities and have had allergy tests done which has given me some insight and relief as I avoid those foods. However I have changed my focus on to issues arising post gallbladder removal surgery and I am finding it quite informative and I'm hoping to get some answers soon.
Did you get answers ?   I try the bile pills.   Reduce grains.  Take k2 and NAC.  
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Hi, please let me know if you find out anything about this awful weight gain as I cannot lose a pound and keep gaining, it is a nightmare...thank you sally
Try google on bile 500 mg caps.   Also I know a shake to replace some meals.  
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I had mine removed 2/2014.   I gained 8 pounds but I take bile pills.  
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I had mine removed.  But the doctor said my gallbladder had stones and 8mm polyp.   It was 5 mm 9 years prior.   It was cholesterol though.  The scam is they can find out what it is made of.   But they won't.  They want to remove.  Go figure.
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