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Why am I still having gallbladder attacks after removal?

I had acute pancreatitis in 2017 which landed me in the hospital for a week. They removed part of my pancreas due to a large stone being logged and waited for liver to resume functioning to remove my gallbladder. I have been on a liquid diet since leading to malabsorption. I am always in pain,I look 9 months pregnant and vomit acid regularly as well as watery bowls. In the past 2 weeks I had a colonoscopy and last week an endoscopy that set my abdominal pain to 10+ I am allergic to opioids (which they gave me anyway)then my GI proscribed Dannetol(sp)16.5mg that cause raging migraines. Has anyone else had this issue?Help!
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I had a Roux en Y Liver Bypass in march after 2 years of problems caused by a botched Gallbladder removal which damaged common bile duct and vein. One treatment I tried but did not work for me because of misplaced clamps was a Spyglass ERCP. Youtube it and you will see what it does. If the specialist can access the tubes they can break down and flush out stones and debris. Also i was precsribed Questran (colestyremine) which helps remove bile and alleviate jaundice. It helped reduce my Bilirubin numbers. Hope this helps. The spyglass is a day stay and available on NHS in UK, even Private I think its under £2000.
Thank you for the information. I am in the U.S. and the insurance company acts as a gatekeeper to my healthcare. My liver enzymes are currently within normal range,however my ESR is extremely elevated showing that there is inflammation in my body. With insurance we have a $2,500 deductible and a co-insurance of 20% unless it falls in the category of routine wellness.
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