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biliary dyskinesia

I have biliary dyskinesia with an ejection fraction of 23%. I am on a very low fat diet and I eat very little dairy or wheat.I have become very skinny since this began-- about 2 years ago. My symptoms include stomach pain that moves all over my stomach area after almost every meal, but especially dinner, nausea, bloating, gas, intestinal pain, sore throat, sometimes a feeling of heaviness/pain at my sternum, but I do not have upper right quadrant pain. Isn't that the most common gallbladder problem symptom? The doctors suggest surgery, but I don't understand why it would be helpful to remove an at least partly functioning gallbladder? I understand why removing the gallbladder might help relieve pain in the gallbladder area if the gallbladder is irritated, but how will removal help with my symptoms? And, why will removing the gallbladder help reduce the the overabundance of acid in my stomach? Nobody has been able to answer these questions for me, and thus, I've refused surgery and have been getting acupuncture instead for the past 6 months. I'm flirting with the idea of surgery again because I'm not sure that acupuncture is going to be able to heal the problem. It hasn't so far, but it has helped to relieve some symtoms. I would be very grateful if you can help answer my questions, and I am open to any suggestions you have to offer.

Sincerly, amy
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I was also diagnosed with biliary dyskinesia, and had all of those symptoms plus the right-sided pain. But I also have GERD w/Hiatal hernia, and that can also produce the symptoms that you listed. Have you been tested for GERD or had a PH study or endoscopy done? If not, I would get it done before having your gallbladder removed.

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Are you intolerant to wheat and the casein in the diary? Are you celiac?
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An ejection fraction below 30% is something to be concerned about regarding your gallbladder.  You may find your symptoms go away with gallbladder surgery - but maybe not.  For whatever reason, your gallbladder isn't functioning the way it should.  Some patients have what is called "referred" pain.  All that means is that pain from a given medical condition shows up somewhere that is not typical.  For example, when my appendix went south on me, my pain was in the upper abdomen (epigastric) area instead of the lower right pelvic area.  Referred pain makes a condition much more difficult to diagnose.

If your docs are telling you to have your gallbladder removed, I think that is a reasonable suggestion.
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My husband has the symptoms coba37 described (nausea, sore throat, chest heaviness/tightness, plus: diarrhea immediately after eating but not always, dry eyes, fatigue). This is interesting b/c we haven't seen anyone else with the sore throat and chest thing.

He has been seeing various doctors. Mostly they were concentrating on the chest heaviness looking for asthma/lung problem. Also have investigated allergies but not come up with anything yet. Had chest x-ray. Also PFT but results not back yet.

The difference is that he already had his gallbladder removed several years ago and the symptoms have come and gone for all this time but more consistently in the last 2 months. It's been on all his medical forms but no doctor has mentioned gallbladder related issues at all. He is frustrated b/c he takes great care of himself, eating well, no smoking, regular exercise. Any thoughts are welcome!
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My husband justrecently got diagnosed with this condition. Has anyone else had this diagnosis given after a hyda scan? Another question....What are some helpful hints on food that are low and fat and ones in which he should avoid?
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I have!  

In fact, the Hida Scan is the only thing that saved me!  My ejection fraction was 18%.  After an ERG and colonocopy to rule anything else out, I had my GB removed.  During surgery it was discovered that the fluid surrounding my GB was gone and it was literally peeled off of my liver.  I do not know what would have happened if I had waited and tried to manage the situation with a modified diet.  

I am happy to hear that he was able to have a hida scan!  I fought with several physicians before my test was ordered.  Because I did not have stones (as evident in my ultrasound), it was determined that the source of my symptoms was something other than my GB.  

You can have gall bladder disease without the presence of stones.  

I am one week post surgery, and still recovering.  It is a tough road, but I am happy to have found some answers.

Hang in there!
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I recently had a Hida scan after spending the day in the ER for Rt quadrant pain, mid chest pain and I have had sever bloating for many months - I look 5 months pregnant.  I now have intermittent right quadrant pain but the biliary ducts came back normal as did the gallbaldder. The intestine results state Enterogastric refulx with and EF of 14% at 20 minutes (normal ef is >35% at 20 minutes.) The conclusion of the test a decreased gallbladder ejection fraction suggesting biliary dyskinesia. Enterogastric reflux. I am just not sure I want surgery. I have no gallstones and the pain in not every day. I am tired of the bloating. I've been trying to lose weight but not very successful - and I haven't been cheating. Any suggestions or thoughts? Thanks in advance
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I have suffered from this condition for 22 + years. I went in thinking it was my gall bladder, classic symptoms but was told I had IBS. Over the years the symptoms have come and gone. I finally got a doctor listen to me and this questionable diagnosis of IBS. (I have no bowel dysfunction, never have.) the new GI ran a HIDA scan with CCK and it showed a very low injection fraction around 15%. Since I did not have a violent reaction when the CCK was injected the GI said I could wait on surgery.

Over the past 6 months, the pain/ attacks have been daily and I have grown a polyp in my gall bladder. I am thinking it is time to remeve the GB and end this feeling of having a knife in my back all the time.
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I just had a HIDA scan 2 days ago and was told my gallbladder was operating 20%. I have all the same symptoms that you have and my Dr. has already scheduled surgery for next week. A couple of people I know had the surgery, its in and out in the same day and they said that was exactly what fixed their problem. I didn't have any reaction to the CCK.  I am all for the surgery. I'd rather be sore for a week or two then deal with the pain.
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I am so glad I found this forum. Im glad Im not the only one. Ive had gastro issues that are documented since I was 16,but have always had a "nervus stomach". Anyway. I have been having HORRIBLE reflux. at 16 I was diagnosed with reflux disease. Anyway, in the early summer I went to see a Gastro Doc. He did an endoscopy. It showed gastritis, inflamation, But no real reason for my reflux. He also checked my gallbladder via ultra sound for stone. None were there. He prescribed me medicine, and the main one for refulx my ins. wont pay for so Ive been popping Prilosec like Pez. and taking ranadine too. lots of that stuff,to no avail. So on the first I went back to see my dr. I had been researching my symptoms, pain in my chest, fatigue,nausea,vomiting,diarreah, extreme indigestion no matter what I ate. He set me up for both a HIDA scan and colonoscopy. The latter is due to fam history of early colon cancer. I had my scan and my GB is only working at 2%. The first part of the scan was not bad at all.But when I had to lay still and they injected more meds into me,I had an uncontrollable physical reaction. THought I was going to puke, my abdomen clinced up,and my knees involuntarily drew up. I thought I was dying.  Im glad now that I know what the results are. The surgeon wanted to take it out the day I went to see him. It just was not possibe. {2 small kids and we live away from family to help} So its set for tomorrow. He is also going to do a scope to see if I have a hernia. and that could be the cause of my reflux. We will see if removing the gallbladder helps, and surely it will help somethings! But if the reflux continues I will have the hernia stapled. Im nervous about recovery. My 2 y/o bounces on me all the time and he will only be at my inlaws for 2 days.{they both work}. So now we shall see how things go!
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Good luck with the surgery. I am seriously looking at surgery, I have been hestitant to have surgery because of other health issues and possible complications. I have done enough research to be comfortable with the surgery now.

I have my URQ ultrasound next week I am curious to see what this GB polyp has done over the last 6 months.

One of the things that have been most puzzling for me is the lack of some symptoms. My main complaint has been pain and cramping. They always ask about food and my reaction to fat, I can say I don't think I really had any.

I am hoping to get a new primary soon, my last one was forced to retired because of his age (77). He was a great doctor and we had gotten my health back on track. He worked 3 days a week and read journals the other 2. he was the most up to date doctor I had ever met.
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I am also 27 years old and am struggling with daily symptoms.  I have had the same diagnosis (biliary dyskinesia) resulting from the HIDA Scan.  I was intensely uncomfortable upon the injection of the CCK - felt nausea, right side cramping, the need to sit up to belch and breathe easier - I wanted to jump out of there!  My test results determined that my ejection fraction was 8% at 10 minutes, 12% at 20 minutes, and 6% at 30 minutes.  The recommendation is surgery, but I'm told I am not guaranteed a cure for the continuous belching I am currently experiencing, as something else may be causing this.  I cannot digest anything anymore; been on a low-fat and bland diet for over one month (no ground beef, nothing fried, no oil, no mayo, no cream sauces, no butter, etc.).  I still have symptoms daily and am always uncomfortable with belching, whether I have had a bland meal or even a glass of water.  Symptoms last for hours on end.  The newest symptom is diarrhea after meals, sometimes, when I have not even yet finished eating.
I am really hoping that surgery is the answer and that we will not have to search for another cause.  
For those who have had the laparoscopic surgery due to low ejection fraction/slow GB emptying, how quick was the recovery, and when could you begin to eat more normally?  Are you really feeling better?
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I have had reflux problems for years with continued tenderness to the upper gastric area. For the last 18 days I have experienced mild to severe pain in the upper gastic and right quatrant abdominal area. I have been to the ER and had abdominal xrays that showed nothing. I have had an ultrasound of my abdomin that should fatty liver filtration  and was + for Murrphy to the gallbladder (a pain response to a technic used by the tech). I had blood work that was poitive for H pylori with a result of 5.5 I am on day 2 of my antibiotics . I also had a hida scan that was normal except a 15.8% ejection fraction. When given the CCK I experienced severe nausea and severe abdominal pain and cramping immediately upon the injection. I went to see a surgeon yesterday and he said that there is nothing wrong with my gallbladder because there was no stone or apparent infection. He said a low ejection fraction is not a reason for surgery. He thinks that my problem is the stomach bacteria caused from the H pylori. I really want a second opinon, can someone please tell me what I should do. Should I wait and see if the antibiotics help or should I seek another opinion.
See a better surgeon... he is incorrect. Those are not the only reasons to remove a gallbladder. It can be diseased and getting inflamed,  which they would only see after its removed as it often doesn't show up on an ultrasound, and that would cause biliary dyskinesia...
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I too just found out that I have biliary dyskinesia and after reading about some of the symptoms that still existed in patients after gallbladder removal, I'm not so sure myself. My problems started in July 2009 and since then, I have been to the hospital 5+ times and I've had numerous tests and exams done and everything came back negative. I finally found a great GI Dr who found this problem. I'm not sure if removing the gallbladder is the answer, but I do know that I'm tired of feeling sick eveyday. Wish you the best of luck in your case.  
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I am 30 yrs old and have biliary dyskinesia with a Hida scan result of 13%. I have had symptoms (bloating, nausea, vomiting, pain and other problems) my entire life and just thought that it was normal until I found out earlier this year that everyone on my mother's side of the family had their gallbladders removed for biliary dyskinesia. The docs say that it's not hereditary, but my youngest son has the same symptoms as i had and he's only 10 yrs ols and has been diagnosed with IBS, the GI docs say he's too young for a hida scan. My GI doc said that my weight gain (I've gained over 80 lbs ov er the last 2 years) is because my gall bladder is toxic and my tissues have been absorbing the toxins, the more my gall bladder continues to fail, the more toxins spill into my system, thus the reason for the fatigue, bloating and weight gain. We are hoping that after my surgery next week, that my system will slowly get rid of the toxins and my body can get back to normal. My mother lost 50 lbs in 6 months after her surgery. I just hope that I'm as lucky. Good luck to all of you, I hope you all start feeling better soon.
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I too have been having the same symptons-- Back in april i was in the hospital for a blood clot in the lung(right) and ahve been doing great since. I went back to the dr due to right quadrant pain and thought i had another clot. He sent me to do an bunch of test and one was an ultrasound. During my ultrasound i told the technician it was tender in certain areas and she noted it- My doctor informed me I have a Fatty liver, kidney infection, and possible gall bladder disease and was going to send me off for a HIDA scan.. First part was a breeze the 2nd part of the test ooh man i thought i was going to ralph all over that machine.. my stomach cramped soo bad

We got the results back and he informed me my gall bladder is only contracting 14%. He is going to refer me to a surgeon.. I am nervous and want to be back to normal!! I have been feeling bloated since atleast Jan of this year.. I feel like im 7 months pregnant, my stomach sticks out and my legs feel like they are going to explode when i sit on my knees!! I read in a post from someone on here and they gain 80 pounds from the toxins( i have gained 40lbs)  and i feel it in my heart thats whats going on with me!!  I asked the dr. and he says no. no way.. but seriously, i havent changed my diet ( I eat pretty healthy) and play softball 3 to 4 nights a week. PLUS i have been exercising and no luck with that! its like hitting a brick wall....

Do you guys think the weight gain is related? Anyone lose weight after the surgery?
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hey did anyone have exessive sweating?
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Hello All,
I had my ultra sound in September and my mysterious polyp disappeared. I finally got a referral to a surgeon. He was very positive about the surgery at our first appointment. He refered me to a hematologist because a family history of clotting. When I went to see him to schedule the surgery, I complained that his exam caused me pain for several days and has made my symptoms worse. Now everything  is on hold while I go see a pyschologist about my pain. He tells me that the symptoms do not get worse but I have been dealing with this for 22+ years. I really think I should be referred back to a GI, if he thinks this something else instead of a pyschologist. This makes me think he doesn't believe me.

I can't see the pyschologist until December 15, almost 3 weeks down the road. Meanwhile, I am left to manage my pain on my own. I am trapped in my house since I am having clothing issues. I can only wear a bra for a short period of time, it starts feeling like I am in a vice.
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Does anyone has shortness of breath?  I feel like a have the flu, the weight gain, bloated belly and nausea but have also been having breathing problems for a few months.  Drs can't seem to find anything wrong.  Maybe its the bloating pushing on the lungs but I can't wait to have the dang thing out next Friday.
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I to have had trouble with the vomiting and nausea etc.... went to many drs and they basically told me I was crazy,  Did the ultrasounds they came back fine, did catscans they came back fine ( get the picture)  I finally found a doctor who order me a Hida Scan and my gallbladder was only empting less than 10%. I had my surgery last week and am still recovering but I know now that I am not crazy.
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Hey all,
I finally found a surgeon to remove the GB and I am very happy. The back pain, you know the knife-in-the-back pain, was gone the first day. I have four small incisions that look like they were super-glued and taped shut. I am still a little sore but it has only been 4 days. The belly button incision is the most painful one. The difference between day 2 and day 3 was amazing, 1000% diference in how I felt.

My surgeon told me I would be in recovery and could not go home until I was up walking around and peed. After 1 hour in recovery, they told my husband he could take me home. He dressed me, I rode in a wheelchair and rode in the car, none of which I remember. I was in pre-op around 7:00am and the next thing I know I am home and it is 4:00pm.

Having this surgery has so far been wonderful and a blessing. I can even wear grown up underwear (a bra), which I haven't been able to wear since November.

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About four years ago I was living in Brazil and got terrible bleeding Ulcers.  I was very sick.  And returned to the states and went through a series of the "prev-packs" to get rid of the ulcers and every kind of anti acid.  After two years of being back I was still having a lot of abdominal pain.  I went in for an endoscopy in winter 2008 because I had terrible pain, vomiting, diarrhea attacks every few months.  But it came back negative for ulcers and negative for H. Pylori.  I moved shortly after that and they still weren't sure.  I am one to push through pain and not see doctors if I don't absolutely have too.

I was seeking for new answers.  I had another endoscopy in June 2009 because I thought it was Celiac disease.  My vilias came back blunted.  But not entirely.  The DNA test came back negative and I had little relief living for many month with a gluten free life. I have been through most of the GI book of problems with negative results. I turned to food allergies and was skin tested for those.  I stopped eating the list of the 19 things they told me I was allergic to: among them rice, cucumbers, onions, garlic, beef, cow's milk, fish, soybean, and corn (the last two eliminated all things in a box because they have been processed and contain corn syrup and or soy lethicin).  But from August to December 2009 I had daily diarrhea.  

In November 2009 I went to the doctor again for help of abdominal pain.  I  had another endoscopy with no results.  This GI doctor shrugged his shoulders at me and just wanted to give me meds for the pain.  Still no answers! Honestly I was praying intensely to find out why I was in so much pain.  I went into the primary care clinic to the hospital after a painful attack and my own personal conclusion that it was my gallbladder and as luck would have it got the "best resident" in the hospital.  She actually listen.  I had a HIDA scan the following week that when I was injected with the CCK caused terrible stabbing pain.  But oddly my ejection fraction was at 72%.  She still thought it was unmistakably biliary dyskinesia (and I have read it can be even if the ejection fraction was normal).  She sent me back to the GI specialist who disagreed with her again but followed her recommendations of a CAT scan. He didn't think it was my gallbladder. The radiologist kindly took me back after the scan and checked them with me.  We found a HUGE gallstone. Ta-dah.  I am confident that it is biliary dyskinesia accompanied with gallstones.  My wonderful resident told me they don't know much about biliary dyskinesia and was confident that what has been my problem with the gallstones (that didn't show up in an ultrasound in September 2009).

So my word to all of you with real pain-- keep going.  And be persistent and pray until those doctors find out what is wrong!

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Hello All

I just had my gallbladder removed Friday June 18th. I'm hoping I made the right decision. Anytime I eat anything like a cheese burger and fries, or say maybe I go to a birthday party and have cake and pizza. I will feel sick after wards. Usually about 3 to 4 hours after I eat. I am a very healthy girl. I don't eat this way all the time. Just on occasions and I do workout. Also if I decide to have a glass of wine or a margarita. I become very sick as well.  Again I only drink on occasions as well. And the same thing will happen I will feel very nausea, will burb some and have a sharp pain right in the of my stomach. Right between my rib cage. It feels like my stomach is on FIRE!! This will usually last about 5 to 6 hours and can be relieved a lil when I go to the bathroom. I do go to the bathroom allot when this happens. I feel like I want to vomit but never do. Just diarrhea. My question is does this happen to anyone else with Biliary Dyskinesia? I am doing very well after surgery. No complications. Just sore. Thanks!!
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they said my gall bladder was only functioning at 2% of the time. Something with it contracting only 2% of the time.
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