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Hello gb community ~ Here's my story. In the beginning of 2011 I had an ultrasound of my gall bladder, liver, pancreas.. etc.. I even got to see my heart, which was cool. The nurse said I had the "best looking organs" she has seen since she has worked there, lol.. even better than alot of teenagers that come in there for ultrasounds (I'm female, 34 yrs of age). That was good news to me ofcourse.
Well, almost 11 years ago when I was pregnant with my son, I began having pain in my right upper abdomen, directly under my rib cage. When I would eat bananas, I developed the WORST stomach aches, almost feeling like I needed to make a trip to the ER, which I never did. I'm not sure if that's related to the pain in my right side, which now I have had off and on for the past 11 years.
So, I finally decided to give in and get a HIDA scan last year (was hesitant due to the use of the radioactive shot) and apparently my gall bladder is only functioning at 38%. I'm not sure if that result is accurate because the nurse who performed my test told me that my gall bladder looked like it was performing/contracting normally on the ultrasound during my HIDA scan. Something is going on with my digestive tract. I do not have gall stones. The only food that seems to bother me is popcorn (not bad though), but when I drink coffee in the mornings I start getting sharp pains in my upper right side.. sometimes the pains protrude down to my lower right side. Every now and then I will even feel dull pains on my left side. When I drink alcohol (beer), the next morning I have more pain in my right side.
My doctor referred me to a gall bladder surgeon and I have put it off for about a year now. I don't want my gall bladder or any other organ out, still have tonsils and all!! I have had diarrhea off and on for a couple years now, some of it yellowish in color. I'm really suprised my organs are so "attractive" (lol) with the odd pain I've been experiencing and especially being I do drink alot of beer..
So, my symptoms are:
-sharp pains in my upper right abdomen under my rib cage; I can feel a hard lump sometimes when I press on it (the nurse who did my ultrasound said my gall bladder was right under my skin, which apparently is not "normal" but not anything to worry about)
-off and on diarrhea
-have been feeling less energetic than usual
-some nausea
-some constipation
-gall bladder function 38% (supposidly normal but I know it's about borderline)
-heartburn/acid reflux (was prescribed omeprazole)

If you have taken the time to read this, thank you.. I have read several answers from others and a couple doctors on this site about the gall bladder.. I'm sure the answers would be the same for me, but the difference in my case than many others' stories I've read on here, I don't have the pains in my back/shoulder blade... just in my abdomen area. I'm a little curious if all this may have something to do with my colon or appendix instead of the gall bladder. I guess the best thing for me would be to suck it up and make an appt to see the gall bladder surgeon.
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You may want to see a GI Specialist.  One thing that stands out is you say popcorn .. I am a patient like you (actually I have both gallstones and kidney stones) so I've had CT Scans along the way and one thing that you may want to ask your dr is if you might have Diverticultis ... seeds or popcorn kernels could cause a flare I bet of that ... ???  It's shown up on my CT Scans but I have no symptoms, yet my mom had a serious infection over the Fall with it and a lot of pain.  She has Gallstones, but they ruled them out in her case.
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Oh my.. I have an in law who suffers from kidney stones.. I hear that's tough stuff! Not sure about gall stones though. I hope you're not in pain :( Thanks for your response.. I looked that "Divericlultis" up and I do believe I could have been having more fiber in my diet.. I'm about 20 lbs overweight.. not eating the best I can and not enough exercise, for sure!!.. I'll be trying to get this seen about soon.. will post results asap.. thanks ChitChatNine..
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