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gallbladder diet

What can I eat? What must I avoid?

I am a mature woman awaiting surgery to remove my gallbladder. (terrified!)

I no longer know what to eat/cook. It is over 6 weeks since I have eaten properly . (Following a massive gallbladder attack - over 8h) The lack of proper nutrients is showing in my hair, skin, nails. I feel tired. Surgery is less than three weeks away.

I feel totally lost and very frightened.

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I'm sorry this is so overwhelming and scary.  You don't have much longer until your surgery - hopefully that will help you feel better!  In the meantime could you meet with a nutritionist?  Perhaps s/he could help you prepare for dietary issues after the surgery and also give you suggestions on what to eat in the meantime.

I've read that eggs cause a lot of symptoms in people, but I haven't had gallbladder issues myself so I can't say that from experience.  I think a lot of fruits and vegetables are safe - and also very healthy!  Hang in there!  It won't be long!
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Hi  Thank you for your warm message.:)

Yes, I have read to avoid eggs, fats, dairy, meat, the cabbage family, oranges etc ... It doesn't seem to leave a lot to eat. >.<

It  seems to be very hard to find recipes suitable for a gallbladder condition :\

Now I am worried that I am not going to be in a good condition to cope with this op.

Where is Scottie, when you need him? *rolleyes*

Thanks again for your response :)
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When I passed a gallstone during my C-Section 13yrs ago they didn't want to go back in the next day to remove my gallbladder.  Hence, the docs suggested a low-fat diet which was <5.0grams of fat in any given meal and it worked to thwart off any future attacks.  But you need to talk with your doctor to see what is best for you. So sorry you are going thru this now.  Steering clear of any fats (esp fried foods and cream sauces) worked for me.

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Hi :)

Thanks for your response.  The figure of less than 5g of fat per meal is very helpful.  I am pleased that you have managed to avoid further attacks. I wish that I could manage my condition on diet alone.

I did talk with my doctor, but he wasn't very helpful. He just said 'low fat diet'. That is fine, but the  'how to' and the recipes are hard to find.

Normally, I am a creative cook, but at the moment I am lost >.< Plus, I don't feel in the mood to cook. :/ No, can I find any peace in the decision that a need surgery. What I need is a miracle lol.

Thanks again for your response. :)

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I was ill for over 2 years with pain. At the time i was only 25 with 2 children.

I just ate as normal because i had no idea I wasnt supposed to as it was un-diagnosed. (Actually told it was anxiety). Finally unfortunately for me I had septis caused through a bad blockage as the stone was bigger then a plum.....but I survived fine.

Anyway since then my daughter had gallstones (I actually diagnosed it).

She could eat most things but one of the things she couldnt eat bizarrely was TOMATOS it would set off an attack she could drink red wine, but not white and couldnt drink coffee.

My husband has just come out of hospital with an attack of bile duct blockage and will have to have his gallbladder out in a few weeks when the infection settles.

I just have him on a low fat diet. You can eat normally but restrict the fat in your meals.  Yesterday he had low fat sausages grilled with no problems.

FISH is good, potatoes, vegetables, rice, pasta.

You can eat meat, chicken (but avoid red), pork, and even bacon as long as it is lean bacon with no fat.

NO FULL fat milk, but you can drink skimmed milk.

NO full fat cheese, but you should be able to tolerate low fat cheese, check the label for the fat content.

No one knows what will kick off an attack, everyone is different.

The only things i couldnt eat were cream, and funny enough i ate sprats which kicked of a mega attack but then I found they were high in fat lol.

So get creative and eat simple.

Have you a microwave? Why not cook a bit of salmon, some new potatoes and some vegetables. Non of this should harm you.

Grilled chicken with rice, or make kebabs. Dont deny yourself food just be careful with the fat content and how you cook it. Grilled is good. Dont cook with any fat....

Eggs well I could eat eggs and so could my daughter and my hubby had 2 yesterday with no problems BUT dietitians do recommend not to eat them although to be honest you could eat meringue because the white of the egg has no cholesterol or fat.

Really just relax and eat but dont fry anything, dont eat any real dairy with full fat but eat lots of fish, rice and veggies lol. Oh dont drink orange juice as it makes bile.

Once the bladder is removed it doesnt take long for the body to get back to normal.

The only thing I still cannot stomach even now after years is cream because i think its more psychological now as I had one of my worse attacks when I ate a cream cake not realising i had a gallstone.

Hugs it wont be long now...bliss lol.
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You angel <3

Thank you so much for taking the time to reply :)

I had read that I wasn't to eat oranges, but until your response didn't understand why :/ Is it bad to make bile? Does that not help the digestion process? I know I've read to eat beetroot to 'thin down the bile?' *clueless*

Thank you so much for your meal ideas and the detailed guidelines on what to eat/avoid.

Your response has been helpful and reassuring <3

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