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prilosec after gallbladder removal?

Have any of you taken prilosed type drugs after gallbladder removal---I started taking it because I feel like I have reflux and still have bouts of nausea---I have been on it for 5 days---I still get a bit of nausea and diahrrea---has this helped anyone? I was diagnosed with biliary dyskenesia---no gallstones---and I had the reflux (with no pain) before the surgery too---have had endoscope(showed mild inflammation)---CT scan (negative)---ultrasound(negative)----myriad of blood work for pancreatic and liver enzymes(negative)----x-rays of chest, neck back(showed artritis and some spinal degeneration)---has anyone else kept the nausea after surgery? and if so, did drugs like prilosec help?
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I had to take an antacid type prescription drug for one month after the surgery... it definately helped, after the month my surgein took me off it... now i use Zantac or Nexium if needed... You have to give everything time, i had same issue as you before surgery no stones and my surgeon and GI have both told me could take up to a year before the body settles... you are really still early post surgery, you have to give it time, they removed an organ that has been there your whole life... dont stress about it, you will onloy feel worse, just be comforted to know each day you will start to feel better.
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This is day 6 for being on the prilosec and I still wake up nauseated-----how long did it take for the antacid drug to work? Did it take some time to regain your appetite? I eat but have not gained any weight back and I eat small meals---feel almost as bad some days as before the surgery---have had a few days with no nausea but only about 4 days out of two weeks---it is worse in morning and gets better by evening-----was this the same for you?
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The antacid pills took about a week to kick in and they helped...I still got nauseous in the morning but not as bad.  I didnt eat a think for 10 days after after my surgery... then i slowly started eating crackers, toasts, oatmeal, rice..you slowly have to reintroduce the things that harder on your digestion system, you cant just hop right back into eating everything takes time, and to this day I still cant eat red meat or pork, fried foods, fatty foods ( i do sometimes but i know i am going to be bloated and get some pain so i mostly stay away from it) and alcohol forget it, it totally gives me bad indigestion everytime i try.  Like I said this is all new for your system and you are only a couple of weeks out, you still have quite the road to go, so try not to stress about it you wont be doing yourseld any good doing that will only make things worse.
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I went to my doctor yesterday and he told me to take 2 prilosec instead of 1 and to take carafate before meals---did you lose some weight---I have lost 10 pounds in a month and a half because I hardly eat because of the nausea---I truly eat very little fat---grits, oatmeal, turkey sandwiches, broccoli, broiled fish, baked potato-----
also dr. is doing small bowel study this week and a colonoscopy in 4 weeks----
so when you were at my stage 2 weeks and 3 days, you still had some issues with nausea? I also have bile diahrrea every morning but not throughout the day...
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Thats good hopefully that helps... try and stay away from gassy vegetables and fruits that have alot of acid for now... broccoli, cauliflower, mushrooms, apples etc... just until your body settles down.... My nausea got better after about 10 days... but that was after my IV fluids at emerge from dehydration.... to this day every now and then i get really bad nausea in the morning, I have been lucky and never had the bile diarrhea, did you ask about the fibre supplements?  Thats what my surgeon and GI both recommended.  I lost all my weight before and just after my surgery... I have put 10 lbs back on since, but i really needed to as i got down to 99 lbs after my surgery and im 5'4...in total i lost 44 lbs from being so sick.... i had the small bowel follow through and colonoscopy after as well, i devleoped IBS of course....Keep us posted on your results.
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Thanks for answering---I almost can't help stressing about this because the nausea is terrible---night time is better but I can't work with this nausea---I can't believe you lost 44 pounds---and you are already thin like me---I guess I need to really eat light---no chicken or fish even---what fiber supplement did you take? was the small bowel test bad? I have had CT scan, abdominal ultrasound, endoscopy, HIDA and it still seems like something else must be wrong---literally, I never feel like eating except sometimes around dinner I feel hungry---how long after gallbladder surgery was your colonoscopy done?
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