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stomach cramps

I had my gallbladder out end of jan tthis year a month after surgery i have been gettin really bad stomach cramps n sometimes i pass out. Ive been takin buscopan for the cramps which seem ok for a few hours but then im in agony again. This also happens when im due my period? Ive also noticed that one of my scars bust n was leaking this horrible white puss mixed with blood n this clear solution that causing me pain as well? So can u tell me if the stomach cramps are due to the surgery or the fact one of my scars are infected.

Ive also had a c section back in 2012 so could my stomach still be in the healing process as both tines i had to inject to help thin my blood?
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Hi i had my gall bladder out end of april 2014 i still suffer now with severe stomach cramps and contracting pains, im still being sick and shaking like i am having a fit. This happens every 3-4 weeks. As for the scar the same thing happened 2 me and i was told it was infected which i had 2 have a course of antibiotics. If you are concerned about the cramping you could go back to you doctor and ask where u could have adhensions from the c section and the surgery from the gall bladder. I under went a laporscopy again december and was told i had adhesions from all the surgeries i have had and i had also developed a desmoid tumour from the gall bladder surgery which developed at the umbilical site
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