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Body Literally Deteriorating-Please Help. Very Desperate

I am a 20 year old male, athletic build with sinusitis being only past medical history. There is a lot of cancer on my father’s side of the family but none on my mothers.
During the summer, I started to develop stabbing abdominal cramps followed by mustard-yellow colored explosive diarrhea. The diarrhea was abnormally foul smelling, it floated, and seemed really acidic. When I wiped, the toilet paper would look almost neon yellow. Two to three times a week for the three month summer vacation, I would have this yellow diarrhea. I figured that the yellow color was just stomach acid and nothing to worry about. In late August, when I returned to college, I started to get this diarrhea consistently for a full two weeks that was accompanied by lower right quadrant abdominal pain along with lower right back pain, night sweats, weight loss, chills, and thirst increase. When I eventually reached out for help in early September I was rushed to the E.R. for a possible appendicitis. The CT Scan in the E.R. showed that I had borderline appendicitis due to the appendicitis not filling with the contrast fully and the mesenteric lymph nodes of the area being “shoddy”.  I was given Cipro and Flagyl for two weeks to see if that would fight the infection. After an ultrasound, they found my appendix healed completely. While the yellow explosive diarrhea has returned to coming 2-3 times/week (rather than the daily occurances) the pain in my lower right abdomen and back continued at the same intensity. Meanwhile, I started to lose weight rapidly.
After a colonoscopy showing inflamed nodularity in the terminal illeum, an endoscopy showing “abnormal” results(definitely non-cancerous) in my upper small intestine and signs of GERD, another CT scan showing a thickened terminal ileum, and another six weeks of Cipro for a cured prostatitis, my gastroenterologist seems stumped. He has tested my adrenals and for any sign of infection-No Luck. He wonders about Crohn’s Disease but has no true evidence and truly doubts that Crohn’s Disease with this little amount of evidence could be causing these extreme symptoms. Since this is my second opinion doctor, I have another Colonoscopy AND Endoscopy on Wednesday so he can clarify those “abnormal” results and so he could look at my colon and ileum himself. Meanwhile, he is also doing a stool fat test that should have results by tomorrow.
By November I had lost 25 lbs so I started to eat much more than normal yet I still am not gaining weight (yet I am not loosing anymore weight). I am the most exhausted I have ever been in my life and these four months since September have truly been torturous. With my family history, I wonder about cancer of the pancreas, endocrine system, small intestine and lymphoma/leaukemia. Yet, I feel that something would have showed up by now. My family and friends are very worried about me and I am truly worried about dying. I am deteriorating. Please help
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Hey Tom I would like to just comment on what is possibly the cause of your problems. If you have insurance insist to your doctor that he perform flow cytometry, bone marrow biopsy, HIDA scan, Peripheal blood smear, tissue from endoscope,and colonoscopy to be taken for biopsy, ANA, ESR, Aldolase, Blood cultures, Stool sample, Ultrasound of gallbladder, motility test, Blood Urea Nitrogen, Creatinine,TSH, T3, T4, Free thyroxine, CBC with differential, Comprehensive metabolic panal( for elctrolyte imbalances, hyponatrimia, hypokalemia, hypomagneseia, which can all occur from loose stool,)About 90 percent of neoplasms(cancer) they will find Hypercalciumia( high levels of Calcium). Also Have MRI with contrast  to check for any demlynating disease's(Multiple Sclerosis, ALS,which can cause loss of bowel, and bladder control), EMG, and Nerve conduction test (They could indicate problems with muscles or nerves such as Mysthenia Gravis, Guillain-Barre Syndrome, or other Peripheal Neuropathy's)  Also when this started in the summer did you swim in any ponds, lakes, rivers, ocean, if so you need to be tested for series of bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic diseases that are common to the water that you had went swimming in. Also if there is blood in the your stool it is then considered dysentery. Then test for (shigella, entamoeba histolytica, and Salmonella). What if any medication's, Herbal supplements, vitamins, nutrient or energy drinks do you take and/or consume? Also have Enzyme Immunoassay( lab test performed with stool sample),and Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction done with samples( this test is able to identify any organism as it will identify through DNA source if there is a bacteria, virus, parasite, it willl most likely be found. Heres more to consider: Cholera toxin, Coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, fructose malabsorpsion, E. Coli, Diabetes(Neuropathy related motility, have A1C Test performed), SeCHAT test(Radiopharmaceutical given orally then CT scan performed approximately 3 hours later, then another CT scan 7 days later to measure SeCHAT retention if less than 15% indicates Bile Acid Malabsorption. Pancreatitis( Amylase, LIpase, Abdominal Ultrasound, CT scan). More tests are Urinalysis, LDH, AST, Albumin, Glucose) ABG(arterial blood gases), folate, and vitamin B12 Levels, Skin ***** test or RadioAllergoSorbentTest(food allergies), C-Reactive Protein(inflammation marker). I know I am just spewing tests but there is bottom of the barrel It could be BRAINERD DIARRHEA which is a sudden onset of watery, explosive diarrhea that lasts months to even years that does not respond to antibiotic treatmen. Untreated water, and raw milk have been associated with outbreaks its cause remains unknown, it does however resolve on its own. In Celiac disease cause may be multifactoral but Genetic test called HLA DQ2 orHLA DQ8 is found in 95% of patients with Celiac Disease, Liver function tests, and 5'NTD(specific to Cholestasis) INR(coagulation), LDH, ALP, ALT, AST, ALB, Serum BG, TBIL, Conjugated Billirubin. I really hope you find a good doctor that will keep looking until he either finds diagnosis or at worst has exhausted all resources available, and is willing to treat your symptoms so that you may live as normal of life as possible. Take Care,
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I mispoke when I said "I am truly worried about dying". I just feel run down and I am the skinniest I have been in at least five years. The pain is uncomprehensible and I am just desperate for an answer. I may have been a little dramatic at the time when I posted last. Sorry!
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Wow, thank you very much for all of your suggestions. That was amazing. I just got off the phone from my doctor who just told me that the endoscopy came up with "holes" in the duodenum yet the biopsy was tested for all diseases the in-house pathologist could think of. Also, the colonoscopy came back with many ulcers in my illeum. With the thickening of the illeum from my last CT, the colonoscopy results, and the symptoms I had, the doctor was ready to diagnose me with Crohns. Still, he wanted to be sure so he order a capsule endoscopy for me. The capsule came back negative, however the capsule went through the illeum too quickly to get a good look. Still, the rest of my small intestine looked fine. Therefore, he is not willing to diagnose me with Crohns. Soooooooo now back to the drawing board. I am going to suggest a "trial" with Crohns medications while I am getting tested by many of the tests you listed above. Thank you again for all of your help. I will make sure to adress all that I can. Your suggestions were truly a blessing
Thank you and God bless.
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I am a 37 yr old black male and I have been having strange discomfort in the left side of my stomach for about a couple of months. I went to the emergency room and the doctor there diagnosed me with acid reflux but I am very concerned because I have taken the medicine prescribed and the condition hasn't gotten any better. along with these symptoms, I have had night sweats, chest pains, and insomnia. I have a drinking problem as well so I am really concerned about myself. Can anyone tell me if there are any other alternatives besides gastric cancer. one other thing, my blood work came back with high protein levels. negative for HIV,Hep C, ect.
Any answers?
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