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Can Barretts precancerous be treated before it turns cancerous?

This week I had an EGD done and my Gastroenterologist thinks i have Barrets Precancer, biopsy was done but won't be back til the 16th. I also have a medium hiatal hernia and GERD. I am scared, my sisters friends dad has Barretts cancer and is being treated with Chemo and Radiation and then on to surgery. I know the survival rate is only 5 years if its cancerous even with treatment.

I had thyroid cancer last year and have recently been diagnosed with Livedo Reticularis, Raynauds and undifferentiated Lupus and possible MS-awaiting test. I have lost 22 pounds in 5 months.

Are there any new treatments for barretts precancer or cancer that would give you a better survival chance?
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I think it is totally depends on the condition of the patient and mainly on the cancerous cell as how much it has grown. I dont think that it may be treated but, it can get smaller by radiations.

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Just saw your post from Feb. Hope this isn't too late. Precancer Barret's CAN often be treated. I had an esophagectomy in 1999 for Barret's with high grade dysplasia and am still here to talk about it (although recovery was long and painful). I believe they have made much progress on treatments that are much less invasive. Contact Lynn Borkenhagen in the Gastro Dept. at Mayo Clinic in Rochester. They are on the cutting edge of this disease.  If you're not on Nexium (I find this to be the best of the available and similar medications) ask your doctor about it.  If anyone else has questions about the after effects of this surgery, how to cope, what to expect if you have Barret's, you can email me at ***@****. Keep the faith!  Jim
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I think esophagectomy will definitely going to work and it will be helpful and one can get recover by this treatment as one of my relative get the progress through this.

It is necessary for us to consult a doctor so that he will better let us know what can be the medication that will be worth.


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