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Cat scan of abdomen and pelvis, can the stomach and esophagus be seen clearly?

Hi, I have a question regarding cat scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast... I realize that the ultimate test for stomach and esophagus is the gastroscopy or barium x-rays.

But what will a cat scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast show? If there is a tumor in the stomach or esophagus, will it show up on cat scan as at least "something" there like a shadow or will it show up clearly?
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Hi there. I have had the same question. The problem with ct scan is it depends on whoever interprets it. Whatever you do, get a copy of the results. The written report. Then get on the internet and research the definitions.
I did that and I found that I understand my condition better. And like I said, it depends on whoever interprets it.
Good luck
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