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Cat scan of abdomen and pelvis, can the stomach and esophagus be seen clearly?

Hi, I have a question regarding cat scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast... I realize that the ultimate test for stomach and esophagus is the gastroscopy or barium x-rays.

But what will a cat scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast show? If there is a tumor in the stomach or esophagus, will it show up on cat scan as at least "something" there like a shadow or will it show up clearly?
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Hi there. I have had the same question. The problem with ct scan is it depends on whoever interprets it. Whatever you do, get a copy of the results. The written report. Then get on the internet and research the definitions.
I did that and I found that I understand my condition better. And like I said, it depends on whoever interprets it.
Good luck
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CT abdomen/pelvis includes your entire stomach but only the distal portion (end) of your esophagus. This modality may detect cancer, manifesting as a mass and/or focal or diffuse wall thickening, but evaluation is often limited as these organs are often partially collapsed, which can simulate wall thickening even if it not thickened. One advantage of CT is that it can detect if the cancer has spread outside the organ. For example, there may be adjacent abnormal lymph nodes or hematogenous or peritoneal metastases.
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