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Could someone please shed some light on my situation.

My brother in law was recently diagnosed with stomach cancer.  He has a grapefruit sized tumor in his stomach and also a tumor in his small intestines.  He was hospitalized for abdominal pain back in January of this year.  We were shocked when he came out of the hospital without getting the blockage fixed.  ( He told us that he had diverticulitis and diverticulosis).  He says that he went to the ER on Saturday because he was sick and they told him there that he had cancer.  I dont understand any of it to be honest.  He told us about two days after telling us about him having cancer that he had a lymph node removed from his neck about a year or year and a half ago and it containted cancer.  I asked him if he did chemo and he said no.  He told me they removed by going down his throat as an outpatient procedure because the dr said they dont cut them out because the air will hit the node and the cancer will spread.  Has anyone ever heard of having a lymph node removed via the throat and it containing cancer and not doing chemo or radiaiton.  Thats been a year or so ago.  I believe that he is sick because of what he tells us is going on....bleeding rectally, vomiting blood, difficulty swallowing, and he said when he is trying to have a bowel movement he can feel something twisting inside.  Yesterday he said he ate dinner then threw up and it stunk so bad that everyone had to go outside for a bit because of the smell.  I am frightened for him.  
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Well, without the relevant clinical details or a detailed clinical evaluation it would be difficult to comment on the situation. The approach to node removal would depend on its location and the management of GI cancer on its type and stage. I would be best to have him evaluated by a gastroenterologist or an oncologist at this stage for an accurate diagnosis and appropriate management.
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Thank you Dr Kaul.  I havent visited this site for a while now and just seen your response this evening.  His PCP is now sending him for a scope.  I dont understand why he is seeing a PCP and not an oncologist.  He went last week to have bloodwork done and the Dr said that his labs actually looked pretty decent.  She wants him to have a scope done and then they can do a biopsy while in there.  Can drs tell just by bloodwork and an abdominal CT scan if he has cancer?  The lymph node that was removed was on the left side of his neck (possibly virchows node?) and that was a year to year and a half ago.  He claims that the biopsy results showed cancerous cells and he had no chemo or radiation.  Wouldnt chemo or radiation been done if the node contained cancer?  We are all a bit confused here.  It seems we arent getting all the info or the info isnt correct.  I would think he should have been seeing an oncologist right away.  Thank you for your time.
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