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Feeling like i may drop dead at times

Hi i have a possible hiata hernia,i keep of late though getting an overwhelming feeling like i am going into a state of shock like i have had in a motorbike accident,i know it is 100% not physcological,when i get this it's normaly proceeding a bout of indegestion i suddenly go like i am in shock and i need an ambulance but i try to fight it,the problem is it's over powering.You can't fight it,and after i have severe indegestion is when it occurs but not always,after this feeling the last time 2 nights ago it was proceeded by an immense pain in what i believe are my kidneys? It was like a feeling of your organs above your pelvis are being knotted.I then go to a state of almost like you've come off a motorbike and then finaly it goes away suddenly.It lasts maybe 1 or 2 minutes sometimes 3 minutes.But it feels immensely uncontrolable as fighting the feeling just doesn't come close to making youfeel any better and you litteraly feel like any second your guarenteed to collapse or maybe die from it.I have been getting constant kidney pains for years once it stopped me dead walking as if i need an ambulance then it went,years later it came back and today i am feeling it again but 10x worse than prior.I am on omeprazole once a day and peptac liquid 4 times a day for the indegestion but i can have 2 omeprazole and 4 peptac liquid mouthfulls and the acide is still there on bad days.Any ideas because i'm worrying also it may be after hurting my self on motorbikes i say this because i have an immense pain all the time if washing dishes stood at the sink i simply no longer can stand for prolonged or even short intervals without bad back pains,and gardening is all but impossible leaning down to do edging.I did nearly faint when took the hospital and the feeling is very similar to that.I didn't faint they caught me and i tried to fight it and never went completely out.But i think it's ironic,my kidneys were black and blue but never checked after.
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How are you? What other symptoms are present and what were the initial diagnostic tests done? Feeling faint is the result of a temporarily inadequate blood supply to your brain.   This can be associated with a variety of issues and can also be related to cardiac conditions, blood pressure issues, anxiety, hyperventilation, migraine headaches as well as colds, flu and stress.  If this persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Diagnostic tests may be requested to determine the underlying cause. Take care and do keep us posted.
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hi doctor Santos,sorry for delayed response,I still have problems,although the tinnitus is intermittent at times I woke with it today,it's a major nightmare.It's that pronounced,I did go a&e once to be told to wait 4hrs with sky high blood pressure,he said its blockage and the Vegas nerve somehow relates and heightens my blood pressure if I remember right?

although a new symptom has emerged,which is if I get stressed by verbal bombardment,or a slight bit annoyed I seem to be having a sensation that I have only had when I have whacked my head extremely hard falling etc,it's like a conclusion where sound goes extremely faint and then like a pressure releases in my ears and my hearing returns to a really potent bout of tinnitus.in the mean time my chest has been feeling like a finger is pressing inbetween/behind my upper/lower front ribs and occasionally I feel what I can describe as heart pain
pain.To top it all off I have neck pain back pain and my kidneys or some deep seated or gan between lower rib and pelvis keeps feeling as though it is being twisted.not to mention I have tinea roses suddenly over the last 24 months and have cysts everywhere in by kidneys all inside feet shins thighs calf's back arms everywhere,and I continually itch like a creepy crawlies sensation
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Hi i will go my gp,i fit the symptoms of this pericarditis lately,i notice now i can't lay on my left side without feeling palpitations and sharp pain.I've been having major shooting pains continuously and telling different gp's.But it goes untested and ignored in a sense.But i have been short of breath,and getting needle puncture pains in my heart area,now i can't lay on my left side because i feel this sharp quite severe pain if i do,at this point my heart goes into overdrive.Upon investigating it points to pericarditis and i seem to have every symptom including the hypitension which may have been aggrevated i think with my ear pressure problem making me have super high blood pressure
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I had seringing a total 5 times,it does eleviate the problem temporarily.It sounds stupid but if i drink minimalisticaly i have raging tinnitus,however if i drink fast successions of cans i feel better and near to no tinnitus?But i am not a drinker to be fair,weekends only to be honest But it's almost as if a chemical reaction from drink reduces the symptoms?
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