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GIST tumor and gurgling stomach

I had a GIST tumor and 6 inches of my intestine removed in January. I have been on a chemo pill Gleevec 500mg for 2 months and 100mg 2x day of topamax for migraines. The first month of taking the chemo pill I had no major side effects other than nausea right after taking it and a general lack of energy.

I am now experiencing a loud gurgling in my stomach/ intestines. I can feel the air traveling through and it can sometimes be painful. I also rarely have solid bowel movements. They are mostly liquid/mucus/diarrhea. This is also accompanied by nausea and some days vomiting. My oncologist believes this is just a virus going around but I'd like to see if anyone else has an idea.
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Been on gleevec 2 years now. No nausea, just REM induced leg and foot cramps. I get minor swelling in lower legs. Other than that, no problems with the Rx.
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