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Gastric cancer and lymphoma

Dear doctor,
My youngest sister had a severe abdomen pain last several days. After admitted to hospital she got better. Endoscopy result shows normal. Her HB was low she so blood transfussions was given. She is fine now. Now CT scan gives difgrrrntial diognosis:, pseudo tumer, lymphoma, gastric cancer.
We are really devasteded to hear the result. Now doctor started antibiotic, omeprazole, and want to do another endoscopy. We have no idea wether surgery need to be done? How urgent is this situation. Her blood group is A negative.
Let help us and guide which is the best option.
Thank you
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Hey Mailee!

The situation may not be emergent, but yes urgent in establishing a diagnosis and starting treatment ASAP. The doctor would probably like to have a biopsy done with the repeat endoscopy, which would help in establishing a diagnosis. It is too premature at this stage to start worrying or panicking. As for now, efforts should be made for proper investigation that would help in establishing a diagnosis and then initiating the appropriate treatment/ management plan. God willing everything will be fine!

Take care!

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Thank you Dr.
She had another Endoscopy and waiting for result.Is that enough envestigation for diognosis. Can we start treatment accordingly?
What are option for treatment? Please tell me, we are try not to worry but impossible.
your sincerely
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