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Is possible to reduce size of tumour without treatment?

My sister has suspected lymphoma , gatstric cancer. In 6 months ago  tumour size was about 14mm and recent CT scan shows 8mm. Is it possible the tumour size reduce withour treatment? Her general health is good. There is no any symptoms of cancer.
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Hi there!

Yes, a tumor may increase decrease in size but this does not correlate with the stage or prognosis and does not mean that treatment may be avoided. The treatment should be initiated/ continued as advised.
Hope this is helpful.

Take care!
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Dear Dr Kaul,
Recently my sister went to D.BKL hospital in Dehli to have Endoscopy and PET scan done to make sure everything is OK.
The report seems fien only little query aboout radiologist openion. He writes in his report: PET scan findings are suggestive of diffusely increased FDG uptake in the axila and appendicular skeletal likely Reticulorndothelial cell activation.
No other PDF avid lesion noted elshwere in the region of the body surveyed.
Is that means everything is Ok? or we have to do something for this condition?
Please let me know what shall we do?

Thank you
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