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Not absorbing food

27 year old male. Had Covid in early January. Stomach bug early April

About a month ago I had a stomach bug and I haven’t really recovered since then, my sweat and my stool smell foul with an onion scent, ( I don’t eat onion) and I’ve noticed undigested food in my stool. I’ve had a lot of abdominal discomfort especially after eating and after using the restroom. Stool is light colored on the greenish/ yellow side. As I said I’ve seen undigested food in it, most notably oranges and carrots. I’ve also been losing some weight though I don’t know if that’s attributed to whatever is wrong with me or perhaps my stress and anxiety mixed with my loss of appetite and soft food diet. I’m actually going to go to the doctor today but I was just wondering if there was anybody who could help me out now maybe tell me what to expect and hopefully convince me that I don’t have some sort of cancer in my stomach
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