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Possible gastric cancer

I am a 21 year old male. I believe that I have gastric cancer or a form of cancer to my abdomen. It started 5 months ago when I ate a fast food burger and thought I had food poisoning. I would shake, have chills, run a fever, and feel extremely nauseous. I would dry heave but not vomit. The illness would last 2-3 days and then I would be fine. A month later I ate spaghetti and got sick again with the same symptoms. I would dry heave constantly but could not throw up. Again, after a few days I was fine. Another month passes by and I was eating breadsticks when I had the exact same symptoms. I usually calls these "episodes" because they only last 2-3 days. However, after my last illness with the breadsticks it never went away. I don't dry heave, but I have constant nausea. While feeling sick everyday I still continued with my daily life, I would even continue physical activity suck as rock climbing. I tried switching up my diet but it did not help. It doesn't matter if I eat or not, I am just nauseous 24/7. I have tried every type of medication you could think of. Eventually after about a month of constant nausea I went to the ER. They ran several tests on me but couldn't find anything. I was told they would refer me to a GI. While waiting for a GI appointment I started running low grade fevers everyday. After about another month with no appointment scheduled with a GI I decided to go to a different ER. They ran several other tests and did not find anything. However, they said they would get me in contact with their GI. 5 days later I was having an upper endoscopy which came back normal even though my GI took two biopsies. Three days after the upper endoscopy I was back in the hospital. This time due to dizziness, drowsiness, headache, fever, and uncontrollable shaking. The doctor did several neurological tests including a head CT, but everything came back normal. While waiting on my biopsy results, my GI decided to go ahead and schedule a HIDA scan which is used to determine if my gall bladder and liver are processing my food correctly or not. I have the test tomorrow. I should have the biopsy results within the next two days. I am nervous that I have a form of cancer, waiting for my biopsy results is killing me, I believe that's why I ended up in the ER the third time. At this point I'm hoping that my HIDA scan will come back saying I have gall bladder issues.

I have had two X-rays both came back good, a CT scan that came back good, two gallbladder ultrasounds both coming back good, and an upper endoscopy that came back good (still waiting for biopsy results). I'm wondering what the possibility is that I could have a form of stomach cancer if the scans are all showing no signs of anything such as an ulcer or lump. I have had an uncountable amount of blood work done and the only thing that didn't come back good is that I had a slightly low liver enzyme count.

My full symptoms are: weight loss, low grade fever everyday, 24/7 nausea, feeling exptremely full after any meal, very occasional abdomen pain, excessive amounts of sleep, and weakness. Those are my day to day symptoms, I have ran a low grade fever everyday for a month now.

So background information: my grandmother had stage 3 colon cancer (she survived), I am 5"8, started at 130 pounds I now weigh 121, I am extremely healthy (haven't drank a soda in 3 years, eat healthy with an occasional fast food, and constantly play sports). My uncle also had stomach problems similar to mine yet the doctors ran every test in the book and didn't find anything. He is now fine after finding a prescription medication that works for him.

I think this could be one of three things:
Gallbladder issue (I think at this point this would be best case scenario)
A form of hepatitis: I rock climb in gyms. My hands are constantly bloody and so is everyone else's who climb. I know it's a stretch but I'm trying to think of everything at this point.
Or a form of stomach cancer: I know I only have a few days left before I get my biopsy results, but I'm so tore up mentally over the possibility of stomach cancer that I believe I'm making myself more sick.

With this information do any of you have any comments or suggestions? Thank you.
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Have you looked into the "Specific carbohydrate diet", or the "GAPS" diet?  It sounds like you may very well have an imbalance in your gut flora.  Trust me it can get really bad at times and make you freak out that there is something structurally wrong when it's really digestive issues...  Look at "Candida" too.  

With stomach issues you've just gotta keep trying and then keep trying again when stuff's not going right.  It's can be very hard for an outside authority to quickly diagnose so try to not stress out too much.  Stress makes stomach issues far worse.
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