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Severe stomach pain

Hi for the last year I have some painful stomach pains after meals. I also feel extremely bloated and have difficulty breath after meals.. Yesterday I had a chicken club sandwitch for lunch and all through the day I had trouble breathing. I also had pain around the navel and left  breast bone, but what concerned me most is i was nasous and I throw up a lot of my dinner that day.. I I'm concerned I might have some form of stomach cancer but a 2008 endoscopy was negative only gastritis in the lower part of stomach. All may symptoms developed after using antibiotics for 6 month period for tonsillitis. My concern is the trouble breathing. Can someone offer some help  
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How are you? What other symptoms are present? The trouble breathing may be associated with reflux, but it would be best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Gastric cancer usually presents with symptoms similar to peptic ulcer in early stage such as  indigestion and stomach discomfort, bloating, nausea, loss of appetite and heartburn. Blood in the stool, weight loss. and weakness or fatigue associated with mild anemia  may be present also. If it persists, additional diagnostic tests and further evaluation may need to be done. A repeat of the endoscopy may also be indicated to rule out malignancy. Take care and do keep us posted.  
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Well i could suggest if you have been on antibiotics and are in pain to go to Holland and Barrett or nearest health shop and ask for some advice about Probiotics. I ve felt ill for  8 wks from a contagious virus and saw someone form there and she asked if i was on antibiotics or been onthem. There are different doses of Probiotics, she did ask if i had been on antibiotics if so i would need the 10billion active culture. But because i hadn't taken antibiotics i was recommended the lower dose of 3billion. Ive been on them for 3 days so far and have noticed an improvement with my stomach pains and feeling sick.PROBIOTICS improve the wall of your gut and act as a barrier to keep unwanted compounds out of the body, increase the nos. of healthy bacteria  that live in the gut and decrease the unhealthy bacteria, and also boost the Immune System. If you go ahead make sure you ask for the BILLION  rather than the million of micro organisms cos they would be stronger, I hope they work for you cos they definitely have for me and stopped making me feel sick every time i ate. Good luck i hope it works for you, give me feedback if you decide to go ahead, Carrie15
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